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5 minute wreath- DIY

You know... I love a 5 minute project. 
Something simple that you can knock out in just a few minutes
and with just a few elements

Maybe to work on while you are waiting for a few delicious
macadamia nut cookies to finish baking in the oven.

Something simple like a sweet little boxwood wreath.

Yesterday I shared the vintage baby basket I found while junking.
Oh how I love it in all it's crusty, chippy glory!

I filled it with dried flowers and placed it atop that old farmhouse cupboard
and stepped back and sighed.
Simple. Sweet. Romantic and so-so shabby and charming.

But I also wanted to add a little something - something to the front.
I always like to have something hanging on the front of the doors- maybe a little ornament
or a few keys  or maybe something like a sweet little boxwood wreath.

Did I have a little boxwood wreath sitting around ready to go? 
Nope- but I knew in about 5 minutes- I could make one

Here's what you need:

A few sprigs of boxwood 
 Baling or craft wire

I clipped a few chunky pieces of boxwood off one of the plants in the yard. 
We have a couple different types of boxwood- this one has very thickly covered branches. 
(You could use any type of greens that have the look you like for the wreath.)

I only used 2 small branches for this wreath.

Starting with the end of one of the twigs- wrap your wire around to give it a start and then continue looping it in a large, loose type wrap along the length of the twig.   Meaning- not tightly wrapping as to cover the boxwood- but more wrapping in a longer way with about 2-3" in between each loop. 
Does that make sense? :)

You are basically trying to wrap the wire the full length of the boxwood but just in a 
way to be able to form the wreath- you don't want it to be super tightly wrapped

When you get near the end of the first branch- take the second branch and include it in a couple wraps of the wire. I like to use the less full end mixed in with the more full end 
of the other branch to compensate a bit for fullness.

Continue on with the wrapping until you get to the end of the second branch. 
It should look something like a horseshoe shape and then you can bend it into a wreath form.

Then simply wire them together to create a wreath. 

After that you can add bits of extra boxwood here and there if you would like.
I sort of like the random fullness, those wild hairs and that little bit of goofy look this wreath has
so I left it as it was- simply shaping it to be round.
You can play with yours to make it look however you would like and you can also make
 them in whatever size you would like too
just by continuing with more branches and wire until you get the size you are looking for.

5 minutes and just a couple things you need-
I love that kind of project.

Thanks so much for all of your comments and feedback asking about how I dry flowers
I will be working on a post sharing more about my method-
Stay tuned for more on that coming your way soon.

Now back to those cookies..
I think I feel a trip to the market coming on.



  1. Bonjour,

    La simplicité est souvent récompensée... La preuve est sous nos yeux avec cette charmante couronne.

    Gros bisous

  2. I love this sweet little wreath! Since I don't have any boxwood shrubs I'm going to have to scope out my neighbors yards! Thanks for the how-to, Courtney!

  3. Thanks for the info. I love their simple look and want to make a few of these for Christmas this year.


  4. I love that boxwood wreath. We have lots of boxwood, which I use in bouquets to welcome guests, but this is much prettier. I can't wait to try it out!

  5. Hi Courtney, Great little idea! (cabinet and basket are lovely too) I'm going to make one of those today :) Sooo love your style and beautiful house.

  6. I love quick and easy projects too! This looks like a great one. Love the look.

  7. I love this!!I don't have boxwood but I'm sure I'll have something that will work.
    Thanks for such a gooood idea!!

  8. So Neat! I love things made from the garden. After looking at the cupboard without the wreath it did look bare the wreath was the perfect touch.
    Don't forget to share the recipe for the cookies,

  9. Love this design. Add ribbons and your ready for any decor. I use my rosemary. Love the smell! Also I have used lavender. I love smells to make me happy!

  10. So always create the most simply elegant things!...

  11. going to have to buy some boxwood and try this project.

  12. I've decided my shrubs aren't good enough but I've spotted the perfect bush in my neighbors yard.....Ha!

  13. If it was not dark, I would outside clipping some boxwood. Eagerly awaiting your dried flowers post. The wreath looks lovely on the cupboard.