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French inspired mirror

Yes, I knew I was in trouble the day I walked into HomeGoods 
and found something so perfectly French vintage inspired

Something painted in beautiful soft colors
Something that is a perfect size
and something with just the right details and accents

Something you can instantly envision several spots where it might go in your house.

something you just know is going in your cart
and coming home with you.

I always keep an eye out for fabulously French style reproductions while shopping where ever I am. 
Finding this one stacked up with the tall mirrors at HomeGoods-  I could hardly grab it fast enough.
It's soft coloring, it's gorgeous details, it's vintage inspired design.
I adore it. 

Antique French mirrors are favorites of mine  I dream of vintage Louis and Trumeau mirrors-
 their design perfectly fits my French Cottage style and home. 
But even though this one is not an antique~ it's design and look was talking to me

When I got home,  I set it up on the sideboard to keep it out of the way until it found it's new home
and loved it there.
I think it might be one of those pieces that you kind of love anywhere it goes

It measures nearly 3' wide by 5' tall and the mirror is mottled to look old with 
loss of silvering spots all over- more in some areas- less in others- it was $150~ pretty awesome price
I am thinking about antiquing it a bit to darken the finish but for now
I'm just loving it.

So that's what happened.
I came, I saw, I sighed 
& I carted it home.

Happy Tuesday

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  1. Oh my goodness! This came from Home Goods? Gorgeous! I've never seen anything like this there before. How fabulous! So happy you brought it home! Hugs, Leena

  2. It's beautiful, Courtney! I can't believe you found it at Home Goods. I would have carted it home, too!

  3. Gorgeous! I wouldn't have left without it either.

  4. Great find :) I love Home Goods, I have to drive and hour and a half to get to one but it;s always worth the trip.

  5. The mirror is beautiful and perfect where you placed it Courtney, above such a stunning piece of furniture too! Very happy for you! Hope you come by and visit sometime, although I'm not too French, but have French, Italian and 'British' furniture, lol!

  6. Oh my gosh! How gorgeous! The mirror with that stunning piece of furniture just takes my breath away! What a gorgeous display!
    Jennelise xo

  7. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous find! - And paired with that amazing piece of furniture it just takes my breath away!!
    Jennelise xo

  8. It's definitely YOU and looks perfect where you've got it. I know just what you mean though... when you've got something that looks good everywhere, and you have to pick a spot. I have a feeling this might travel around the house sight seeing.

  9. That's gorgeous! I would have carried it home, too.

    I hit tablecloth paydirt last week at Home Goods, among other things. :)

  10. Gorgeous, Courtney. It definitely belongs in your home!

  11. I swear the HomeGoods near me never has anything this beautiful. What an amazing find! I loved the orange-y roses paired with the light blue on the mirror. Definitely a pinterest worthy photo!

  12. That is soooo you! Love it. Glad you found something that makes you happy. xo

  13. Courtney you get the greatest finds! Love it!

  14. Start the car! Lol Beautiful!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. I love Home Goods as much as the next person, but I've never gotten quite that lucky to find something as gorgeous as this. Enjoy it!

  16. I love yours pictures, a love your style and of course i love this mirror. Very, very nice.
    Greetings from Alsace, Kate

  17. Courtney I adore this mirror, maybe you should wait to paint it. It is very pretty as is.

  18. Oh my gosh, Courtney.....I desperately need to make a Home Goods run!!!!! :) That is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Beautiful mirror Courtney! It looks perfect in your home!

  20. Love Home Goods!! That mirror is perfect for your home!! Beautiful!