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Tiny glass bottles

I have decided I might have an obsession with little trinkets

Especially if they are touched with gold.

I never used to be a huge gold fan.
I always seemed more drawn to a silver or platinum color.
But... over the years
my eye started gravitating towards those golds
those old tarnished brasses and bronzes
and all their richness
and I started bringing pieces wearing it home with me.
At the flea market or thrift store- if it was wearing a silver, brassy or gold finish
it was on my junking radar.

These little bottles were not thrift store trinkets 
they were my grandmothers.

When we were packing things up when she moved to a care home
I found a whole collection of etched glassware
like little shot glasses
 tiny fluted stems
 and even a couple dainty little gold painted glasses.

She had given me a box of larger glasses that were similar to these 
several years earlier so when I found the small ones
 I brought them home with me

They have been stored in the buffet but the other day when 
I was looking for just the perfect little vases
for just a few little delicate blooms

I thought of them and thought why not use them since
a vase can be anything- even a little dainty wine glass or 5

I am loving them grouped together on the silver tray on the bench in the living room

It's a simple little vignette
of silver and gold and pale roses.

pretty much perfection.

Happy Tuesday


  1. Very pretty! And how lovely that they were your Grandmother's.

  2. Beautiful photo!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  3. Beautiful and special display!

  4. have to agree with you on the perfection. Your roses always look so lovely and styled.

  5. My friend... I would have to agree... LOVE LOVE LOVE little trinkets. They can add that special touch . Its a girl thing i am sure. LOVE it

  6. The pictures are beautiful and what a lovely way to use your glasses. Your roses are fantastic - do you own a greenhouse? :-)

  7. yes...use the pretties, once untouchable items and this display is so pretty.

  8. Gorgeous! Love them on the silver tray!!

  9. I love them, too!
    beautiful! I want to go buy me some roses!

  10. So pretty Courtney. Smalls are just right for so many things..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  11. Great shots and a lovely post, Courtney!

  12. oh they're just gorgeous. the soft pink and gold are luscious together...