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Vintage inspired storage in minutes

I love open shelves in a kitchen
It feels like they are just waiting for dishes to be artfully stacked on them 
Everyday plates, bowls and coffee cups and saucers
are functional and pretty when displayed on those shelves
But what about displaying some of that other stuff that you need in a kitchen
that maybe isn't as pretty as china, teacups and pitchers?

When you are working with a kitchen such as this one in the little cottage
storage is at a premium in such a small space.
So those shelves that are holding pretty dishes, pitchers and teacups also
need to hold things like tea, cocoa and spices as well.

This months Lowes Creative Ideas project was all about creative storage ideas
and when you live in an older home- with very few closets and storage spaces
finding creative ways to store things is the only way to store things sometimes.

In the cottage kitchen the upper shelf storage is all behind glass or on those open shelves
So that means that the spices, tea, coffee and even things like chocolate kisses
for a little treat and baking needs
need a home.

The flour sits in a large covered jar on the counter 
but the spices get put inside a lower cupboard among pots and pans and dishes.
We buy in bulk which means either the bags you fill yourself
or a plastic container usually- yeah, not so attractive for displaying.
Plus there is always extra spices left to be stored-
like pepper balls that go into the grinder for example.

So as I was contemplating creative storage 
and ways to store some of those things on the open shelves while keeping it more vintage in feeling
 I thought of something that I love to use in so many ways.

 Mason Jars.

A super simple and vintage inspired way to display those herbs, pasta
and bags of tea on the open shelves

Using mason jars for storing is nothing new
but at least it's a little more charming than a plastic container.
I picked up a case of mason jars from Lowes 
and filled them with the various spices from those bulk containers
brown sugar, pasta and tea.

 The next step was then to take each of the lids 
and paint them with chalkboard paint.

After they dry- remember to wipe chalk all over the lid and wipe it off before writing on them
to season the chalkboard surface.

I wrote the names of each item on them
and you can also write down a purchase date- so that you know when it's time
for a fresh supply.

This would be so simple to do with craft supplies as well.
Buttons, ribbons, pins, thread, etc.
and easy to change as your storage needs change- 
just wipe off and write the new contents on the lid

I am loving them and making a few more for in our main kitchen as well.

Another vintage inspired storage idea in a few minutes-
adding simple hooks to the wall in a hallway or bathroom to keep things in order.

One of my favorite things about a beach cottage look in the bathrooms-
 all those hooks for towels and robes and swimsuits, etc. lined up on a wall.
They remind me of warm summer days
filled with sunshine and flip flops covered in sand.

I love them in the bathroom- and a half a dozen of those little hooks
for holding anything and everything helps keep it looking more tidy

Perfect for coats and backpacks in the entry or hallway as well.

Just a couple of ways for easy storage and display in minutes
while keeping that vintage feeling at the same time.

 You can find the mason jars (in various sizes) in store at Lowes,
 chalkboard paint here and the hooks I used in the bathroom here.

I am thrilled to be a member of the Lowes Creative Ideas Network
I was compensated for this post- but all ideas and opinions are my own

Find more inspiration at Lowe Creative Ideas
and find Lowes on Instagram, Twitter 
and get their Creative Ideas Magazine and App in the app store

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  1. Nice inspirational ideas Courtney. I too use mason jars for storing Mt spices and everyday things. Never thought of the chalkboard lids though.
    Luv your cottage kitchen.
    Hugs, Gee

    1. I get mason jars at my local thrift store. They have a shelf full of them.

  2. What a terrific idea for organizing the pantry. I thought you might want to peek at my shots from Rachel Ashwell's Santa Monica boutique that I posted this week.

  3. Love your idea of chalkboard on the lids to label what items you are storing in the mason jars. I'm changing my kitchen up a little trying to achieve a more fresh look and just purchased some glass containers for my flour, sugar, etc.... to sit on the counters similar to yours:-)

    Hope the New Year is treating you well♥


  4. I love the tip about remembering to season the chalkboard before use. First one I ever made I forgot this step, had to do it all over again. Now I sure remember to season before use!

  5. I had never thought about using chalkboard paint on mason jar lids, awesome!

  6. I had never thought about using chalkboard paint on mason jar lids, awesome!

  7. I like that you used chalkboard paint for the lids. Clever.

  8. I do despise the clutter on my counter tops and the Mason jars would be perfect to organize the mess. You are inspiring!

  9. This is a great idea, and I love its simplicity (even I can do this!). Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Bravo- well done. Love this easy inexpensive crafty awesomeness.

    Have a great weekend. Now I wanna go clean and organize my never fail to inspire, lady!!

  11. mi piace molto questo bianco candido con il contrasto della cornice lavagna
    ciao Valeria

  12. This is a great idea! I love mason jars for storage and I love the chalkboard lids - perfect!! I really enjoy reading through your blog. Your home is beautiful and always so full of inspiration. I'm still trying to convince my husband that we don't really need a china cabinet in the dining room just so I can put a gorgeous chalkboard on that wall :) Good job!!

    Blessings to you,

  13. LOVE the chalkboard labels!!!! Excellent!

  14. I too want to store the majority of my spices, noodles, etc in clear jars or containers! Our kitchen is pretty tiny, and I think it's an excellent idea to see how much of something you have left!! Love your home!

    1. I used mason jars and other clear glass containers in my sewing room, to display my collections of buttons, ribbon , threads, etc. All the pretty colored items showing through the glass makes my room feel so cheerful.

  15. I used mason jars and other clear glass containers to display my collection of buttons, ribbon, thread, etc in my sewing room.
    Love seeing all the colors, showing through.

  16. Where did you purchase the Home is Where the heart is sign? Thank you