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Vintage Towel Holder

When I was asked to join a She Sent Me What?! party
I have to admit
I was a little nervous.

To sum it up
 a group of bloggers all found something at the thrift store to send to another blogger in the group and that blogger has to use it in their decor. 
The rules were simple- 
 send something you think the person would like- if you want to be nice or send something completely random if you are in a little bit of a mischievous mood.

What if the blogger who was sending to me sent something
totally crazy to decorate with?
But I joined and kept my fingers crossed it would be something
easy to work with.

First off - a big thanks to Jennifer Rizzo who organized this fun party!

 I had no idea what Jeanne from Jeanne Oliver Designs was going to send
but she has such amazing taste that I knew it would be fabulous.

She sent me this neat piece- a vintage clipboard.
 She was definitely nice to me. :)

 Originally made to hold swatches and notes or something along those lines.

It has wires at the top 
and a lot of charm with the old wood-
I loved it just like it was so I didn't really want to paint over that
or change the finish too much and honestly, it fit perfectly
where I was going to use it.

So I was inspired to do something simple with it.
The first thing that popped into my head when I saw it
was using it for this:

A perfect little vintage  towel holder in the cottage kitchen

I  just added 2 nails through the wood to attach it to the cupboard.
  It works perfectly actually and hey, I can always use it to hold a grocery list if I wanted to ;)
I also used tied a couple sprigs of flowers to it to dry as well

So... do you think I sent something easy to work with to my blog friend Laura
or was I a little mischievous? ;)

Head on over to Finding Home  to see what I sent
and how she used it

and don't miss out on all the rest of the She Sent Me What?! posts. 
I am anxious to see just what everyone sent to each other!

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  1. A great idea to use it as towel holder. I would never had thought of that. Looks lovely and fits in well with your decor.

  2. Very clever of you! You know, when I see something I try first to find a practical purpose and then you find a decorative but you found both!! A big pat on the back for you, Courtney.

  3. How about turning it upside down and painting the board with chalkboard paint, leaving a border. Then hang your tea towels (now below the chalk board).

  4. Such a pretty piece and such a great use for it! Thanks so much for my beautiful wire basket - I love it!

  5. Lol, I love it, that makes the cutest towel holder!

  6. I love how you used it! I always love your photos and how you love on your home.

  7. So pretty and it looks perfect as a towel holder!

  8. It looks perfect in your kitchen!

  9. It looks perfect in your kitchen!

  10. Courtney,

    You go girl!!!!! I love how you used....and that tea towel is perfect in your space! You totally rocked it!

  11. BEAUTIFUL! It really rocks in your space! I have one just like it... may have to get it out of hiding now!

  12. It's looks great in your cottage kitchen, I love how you found a great way to use it....


  13. This looks wonderful in your cottage kitchen. I just love it and so ingenious ~

  14. It's a fantastic towel holder! What a great idea :)

  15. I never would've thought of this!
    I have one of these in a drawer.
    Now I know what I might do with it..

  16. Lucky you to get such a fabulous find! You truly made it into something amazing!

  17. How cute is this in your kitchen?! I love it, Courtney! Awesome job! xoxo Melissa

  18. What she sent you is a clip board made for punched, two-holed paper. It is a current office item, still stocked in many offices today. I love the wooden back, today's versions are made of press board or hard plastic. Mary

  19. So clever! I love unique touches like that.
    ~Linsey at The Farmhouse Porch

  20. Now that is such a clever idea and it looks fantastic Courtney...what a fun project you all are doing!

  21. Cool and clever use of the clipboard.

  22. Sounds like a fun, fun party! I love your "towel holder"!

  23. So charming! This is just great-lovely job! Something about this reminds me of my grandmother's house. :} Happy warm thoughts!

  24. I love the simple elegance of this clipboard. It is used to hold stacks of invoices. Or order sheets. The fact that it is wood is a plus. I have followed everyones creations. What fun & talent. Do this again!

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  26. FABULOUS idea...I love how you used it and can also see it holding a pretty picture to be rotated as the heart desires!
    Love your kitchen!

  27. What a cute idea, this is the first i've heard of it. ... your gift is cool, and it looks perfect in the little French Cottage kitchen!


  28. what a smart idea and you used it so cute
    I would like to get in on a exchange like that

  29. What a great idea. I love how you used this simple clipboard.


  30. Fun gifting, and you use things well.
    But again anything would look great in your home.


  31. Clever! I love this idea Courtney! I can picture a row of them on a kitchen wall too! ~ Heather

  32. Genius idea! I may have to try this if I can find this kind of old clipboard!

  33. This is so adorable! Could I get Jeanne to send me one?