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French inspired find

Just a little something in a perfect shade of gray
That is a little bit shabby and vintage inspired

Sometimes you just find a piece that is a perfect addition to a room

This mirror was just sitting all lonely looking at HomeGoods
when I found it. I walked by to take a peek at what they might have
and there it was. I love the details and that worn paint.

The soft taupe gray color and the vintage French inspired design was what first caught my eye
 of course
but I also loved that it was the perfect size
and that it was not expensive.

I knew just where it would go
and envisioned it in the sitting area surrounded by transferware plates and platters

But once I got it home I decided to try it somewhere else
I set it down and  even just leaning on the small shelf in the bathroom 
it seemed like the color and size were made for that area.

I do love it leaning though I think it will be up on the wall properly soon-
I was a big rush to get these photos done before something special so I just snapped them quickly

Though I love vintage mirrors and keep my eyes open for them all the time
I can get frustrated sometimes when I don’t find that perfect vintage piece right away
and I am looking for a change- so a well made reproduction at a fantastic price is definitely a treasure.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Simply stunning.
    Everyday I fall In love with this style more and more.

  2. It is gorgeous, Courtney and the perfect shape and size.

  3. The perfect addition to your pretty bathroom!!

  4. Your mirror is absolutely gorgeous, I'm going to keep my eyes open for one of those gorgeous mirrors, I have been wanting one of them for a while now and since my birthday is coming up next month it will be a great gift to me from the

    Have a great day~

  5. Perfect~!
    Adds so much light to that wall too. I love mirrors of any age when they're in the right spot and the right room.

  6. I was just at Home Goods looking for two mirrors for my master bath, their selection was sparse although I did find a couple that worked. They did not have anything that looked like that! I need to hunt down another store somewhere, all my blogger friends have such good luck there, me......not so much:(

  7. Gorgeous mirror and love your bathroom !!! xoxo

  8. Looks dreamy and romantic. Very French!! Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  9. So pretty Kim... Mirrors just make everything light and bright.

  10. It's beautiful, Courtney! Great find! I haven't been to Home Goods in awhile, which may be a good thing based on all the great items everyone is finding.

  11. It is lovely. I think I need to go to Homegoods to see if they have any here in Northern Ca.

  12. How lovely. I do not think we could have discovered it was new instead of vintage. Good buy!

  13. FABULOUS! (Said in my best Barbra Streisand impersonation). Who makes that gorgeous wallpaper?

  14. so beautiful! so inspiring! so lovely!

  15. Oh it is gorgeous, what a definite treasure.

  16. Bonjour,

    Simplement magnifique !...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous ♡

  17. What a stunning find and such a lovely room!

  18. You found ANOTHER Trumeau mirror at Home Goods? I have been stalking the HGs near me ever since you posted the blue one! You are one lucky shopper!! (Send some of that luck my way!) It is beautiful! I love your blog.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love it!

  20. Could you please tell me the pattern and where you bought the wallpaper? Love it! Thank you.