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Cottage Garden Arbor

Sometimes a space just needs a little something
to spice it up a bit and make it a little more finished.

Years ago
we built a lattice fence area along one wall of the back yard patio
 for the climbing roses to climb on and flourish.
It stopped  fairly close to an apple tree
and in between there was just enough space for a small pathway that we added
when we put in the pea gravel patio area.

When entertaining or simply sitting outdoors
we would look at the area
with a bare spot in between the fence and tree
and the little well worn path 
and think- it needed something to give it a little more definition.

So, this month for our Lowes Creative Ideas challenge
one of the topics was sprucing up your outdoor patio area 
So we decided it was time this area got the attention it needed
and decided to build an arbor to finish it a bit more.

 Lowes has amazing kits that are ready to go for  building an arbor
but unfortunately, this area is an awkward size opening 
So, we built it from scratch- using 2x4's and 2x6's for the structure construction 
 2x2's for the top runners and strips of lattice pieces that you can purchase 
to make your own lattice 

Partway through painting

Simple lines on the ends- just 2 cuts to create a little bit of a detail 
It took just a few hours to build it and once it was done- it was time to paint and plant
A coat of Valspar exterior white and it was looking gorgeous already
but one more coat and it will be perfect.

I added these huge white hydrangeas from Lowes as foundation plantings around the base
and a jasmine on the other side

I also found 2 rose trees to fill in some of the area between the 
original fence and the new arbor which help take up some of that space up higher

I am loving how it turned out. 
It was so simple to build
 but makes a huge difference in the look of the area and really 
helps define that part of the pea gravel patio and walkway

I did another fun project with Lowes this month - a super simple DIY

Will share more soon!

Happy Weekend!

I am proud to be a member of Lowes Creative Ideas Blogger Network
and was provided with compensation for this project
but all opinions are my own, of course.

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  1. Oh...I love it!! Give me a trellis and I will have the right climber!! I just found a picnic table at Lowe's for THE best price after some comparison shopping. Free delivery and those guys were soooo nice! Love Lowe's...may forget about Home Depot one of these days! :)


  2. That is so beautiful ~ love your photography too!

  3. Hi Courtney, Your patio area is charming! The white arbor with the white and pink flowers looks beautiful! There's something magical about walking through a garden arbor. Sally @cottagefix

  4. I really like it Courtney! Good job!

  5. Wow, it looks fabulous and certainly helps define the space. Patty/NS

  6. Love it! Hubby made three trips to Lowes today. Did an area with pavers. He first went for rock and sand and then went back for pavers. Needed just 2 more. Isn't that how it goes?

  7. This looks lovely and I love the hydrangeas. I've never seen a white one.

  8. It is beautiful! I love Hydraengas but I've never seen white ones either, love your intimate setting.

  9. Hi Courtney,
    I love the arbor, & your setting is so inviting & so charming! I would like to visit!

  10. Courtney your arbor came out beautiful! I love the white hydrangeas!
    LuAnn ;)

  11. Great job on the arbor, courtney, my hubby is building one for me too and i'm so excited about it. Can't believe how many people have never seen a white hydrangea? I love them too.

  12. So gorgeous! I have a table I have always wanted to place outside. Let me ask-how did you protect the table from the elements?

  13. Courtney, this such a gorgeous place! I love it... Alexandra