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Stars & Stripes

It's a red, white & blue kind of day

Stars and stripes

and layers of old weathered wood

and the rusty crusty patina of an old doorknob
Just a simple Americana inspired vignette- 
I am loving the combination and had a little bit of fun photographing it yesterday.
Nothing fancy  just  a little red, white, blue and vintage

This vintage American flag was found tucked in with a bunch of nylon flags
at the thrift store last year and I loved it instantly.

Paired with anything that has that wonderful old patina
like a perfectly chippy vintage door or the old weathered orchard ladder in the cottage
it's perfect.

We are having a small get together this evening with a couple of friends 
for a little 4th of July inspired food and fun- no fireworks this year because of the 
dry dry dry from the drought

Whatever your plans are for celebrating
have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

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  1. Beautiful country America here. It feels a bit or maybe a whole lot Ralph Lauren. I think this could be a great cover photo for an all American add. It's a beautiful celebration here, a your photos are amazing.

    Happy 4th of July
    A beautiful weekend to you.


  2. Luv the rustic feel of it Courtney. The glory of the flag paired with the denim and boots. True Americana!! <3
    Happy and safe 4th.

  3. Love your vignette full of patina! The flag was a great find.
    Hope you have a splendid 4th of July!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Happy 4th to you and your family!

  5. Love love love your flag! This shoot reminds me of my old days working in Design at Ralph Lauren. Oh, how I'd love to find one of these flags today. Love what you did with it... :-) Happy Fourth!!


  6. lovely images. happy 4th weekend, hugs