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Summer touches~ Keeping it simple

I am a big believer in simple seasonal touches

Simple things like a change in furniture placement,
pretty new linen curtains 
or removing that heavy rug in favor of bare hardwood 

Simple might also be something small,
like a little blue jar on the end table filled with clipped roses from the arbor
that fills the room with its scent.

Whenever I am asked about how I decorate for the seasons~ 
for example- do I change everything? 
Do I move in all new furniture?
Do my rooms look completely different each season?

My answer might surprise you.
Not really,  I tend to keep it simple.

I think seasonal decorating doesn't have to be a huge change
especially if you are happy with how your room is feeling already.

Because I decorate with what I love
I don't really change a whole bunch of what I decorate with for the seasons
well, other than seasonal decor like during the holidays like Christmas
then everything changes.

But seasonal decor in Spring and Summer and Fall means looking to nature
and  subtle quiet touches that bring the beauty of the season in.

In my home, that is fresh blooms filling my rooms
and the mantel might get nothing but a big bouquet of flowers 
and a couple books stacked together.

I stick with my mantra-
and when it comes to decorating with the seasons
I keep it simple. 
Maybe it's a fresh herb wreath on the mirror above the mantel 
or a set of new pillows on the sofa
or even just swapping something simple like an end table or a chair
or a new vignette on the coffee table.

Think about what you love about your room
 and then think of ways you can add just a touch here and there 
to bring that seasonal feeling in without overwhelming it.

Speaking of pillows, I will be sharing some new ones that
 I recently picked up for the living room next week  that I am

I can hardly believe that I am already gearing up for Fall projects to be shared next month.
Oh and did you know that I am working on Christmas already?
Yes, I might actually be setting up a pretty Christmas tree next week. 
Yes, I do know it is August. 
Also, over on the HomeGoods blog this week~ 
I am sharing 5 tips for styling fresh flower bouquets. 
You can find that post HERE if you would like to take a peek!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

Happy Friday

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  1. Hi Courtney,
    Your living room looks so pretty and relaxing. I love your simple changes for the summer season and how you decorate using all the pretty pink flowers. I also like to keep my summer decorating simple. Thank you for sharing your simple changes.

  2. Girl, next time I meet up with you I want you to slip me a bottle of your energy ha ha!! everything is always so calm and pretty at your place..Love ya sweet friend..hugs from my mountain to yours gloria

  3. I love how those beautiful roses freshen up the decor and show off it's simple beauty. A Christmas tree it!

  4. I like the brightness and clean look of the whites. It really looks beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

    p.s....I think a Christmas tree is beautiful anytime of year.....

  5. :) Beautiful.
    I too take a subtle approach to seasonal decorating. Simple touches.. A few seashells for summer, pinecones for fall.... other than that the home remains pretty much the same until Christmas. Then it's all out :D
    Luv your home and style.

  6. Happy Friday to you, as well. Your posts just "make me happy".

  7. I have been wanting to remove the area rug in my living room, However I have a cat and I am thinking i'll be dust mopping every day instead of letting the Robot vacuum do it once a way LOL
    I need to remove some furniture also but then I like it all ?
    Love how you have your pretty white things arranged

  8. Beautiful !

    Happy weekend to you.

  9. Beautiful! Courtney, I want these nesting tables. Where can I buy a set of these?

  10. I think it looks so natural to leave the dropped petals rather than brush them away. Really lovely.
    The gold gilded nesting tables are calling out to me - I need to search for a set.

  11. Your blog is always filled with wonderful inspirations. Our peonies is just budding. Your photo's is filled with love.
    Happy greetings from South Africa

  12. I have those same French nesting tables which belonged to my mother. A friend suggested I paint them and I cringed!!! I love the way you have yours decorated. I struggle with what to put on mine. Can you please suggest other ideas?

    1. Sounds like a good idea for a post~ will put it on the list for future ideas to share :)

    2. Thanks Courtney. I will be looking forward to it!

  13. No other words then beauty here....
    Oh so beautiful.


  14. Your room is so beautiful. Very calming.

  15. Gorgeous - love how you incorporate flowers into most of your decorating and photos !