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DIY~ Fabric Strip Garland

You know how some projects are so simple and easy for you to work on  that you could
just sit down and do them while doing anything?

My great - grandmother used to crochet. 
She loved it.

I remember her working on her latest project while relaxing in her favorite chair and watching tv.
She could keep track of everything that was going on with each character on the show
and have conversations and yes, finishing an entire scarf without one issue
 in the time it took to watch a love triangle unfold on Dallas.
I was always completely amazed.

I myself... eh...not much of a knitting type girl though, 
 I did become proficient in finger knitting with the kids when they were little if that counts?
But this is project is so easy and simple to do.
It involves fabric and ribbons
and yes, you can make this garland while watching tv
and chewing gum & talking at the same time.

I had several requests for details on how to make the fabric garland- so here you go:

1. A pile of fabrics & ribbons in favorite colors and patterns

2. A strand of rope or ribbon in the length you would like
I used rope because I had it on hand

3. Scissors

I used a selection of about 5 different fabrics - 1/4 yard each
and 3 spools of ribbon
plus a few clippings of favorite satin ribbons

Start by tying a knot in each end of the rope.
This gives you a place to tack it to the wall as well as an idea of how much 
space you will need to fill up with ribbons and fabrics.

Lay out your fabric and clip a quick cut at the end at about 1" wide 
and then 'rip' it the rest of the way by pulling it

Just a note:
Some of the fabrics will not tear evenly in size all the way
sooo... you might end up with a very skinny end or a larger end when you are finished
BUT- that is one of the things I like about doing it that way.
The same fabrics look different based on the size and amount
which adds to the random and mismatched look of the garland
If you would like uniform design- then I cut your fabric at the same width 
the whole length of the strip

Tie each piece of fabric to the rope by looping it over the rope 
and tying it like you would tie the first tie on your shoelace
I left my knots a little on the loose side so that I could move them 

Then repeat, repeat, repeat
while alternating the fabrics and ribbons in anyway you would like.
I also added in a few pieces of tulle here and there- which you will definitely want to cut with scissors
instead of tearing

There will be a lot of little random strings here and there
so trim away to clean the fabric strips up
and then hang your new beautiful garland up to enjoy

Simple and easy enough to do
while carrying on a conversation
and watching tv
and even while figuring out who loves who or who's plotting something not so nice on the
latest episode of Revenge.

So much coming your way in the next couple of weeks
that I am excited to share with you- so stay tuned!

Want to see more of this College girls room refresh?
Head over to the HomeGoods blog for the full reveal.

Happy Monday!

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  1. DARLING````~~~~ ````` Going to try this soon. I have tons of old fabric and I'm not even a seamstress. Will be an easy decoration for my bricks and mortar shop. Thanks :)

  2. Very pretty. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Beautiful! I have done something similar on a wire heart wreath (shorter pieces of fabric) for my girls room …a loooooong time ago ;) Love the randomness of this one more tho. I crochet like your Grandmother, an episode of a show and … well i would only have a half a scarf …. lol
    Thanks for sharing, have a lovely day
    Clarissa xo

  4. I love the look of the torn cloth ribbons.

  5. FUN for a party! :-) I like the vintage look of them.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  6. So sweet, Courtney! Love a simple project like this that can make such a big impact in a room! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. I like these Garlands made of scraps of lovely Fabrics, great way to use up every bit of random pieces from larger projects. And the end result looks so lovely. Thanks for the Tutorial. Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. (I was a bit lost about how much of what to gather for my scrap garland.) I just watched an entire season of Revenge while painting a dresser, and I'm addicted to it now!