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Five minute decorating~ Rustic box of hydrangeas

Sometimes it's the little things that are all that are needed 
when it comes to decorating.

This year for Autumn - it's all about simple over here.
A few pumpkins here, wheat and cotton branches there
and yes, a lot of hydrangeas.

I bought two large hydrangeas on clearance this Spring
because they were covered in blooms and I figured even if they didn't put out any more until
next year- or they didn't do well
they were well worth the $15 considering what you pay for 3 stems at the market.

But you know what? 
Those clearance hydrangeas have put out huge, gorgeous, green blooms almost constantly.
I have been amazed and have been enjoying them on the plants all Summer long 
and recently when they started to dry- I clipped them
and have an abundance of beauties
for decorating for Autumn with this year.

So while out in the cottage moving things around and planning a few changes
 I was looking at that mantel
and those books on the shelves
and that big gold mirror
and I thought about the pretty pale pumpkins but 
 decided to go with something super simple.

Just a cedar box filled with hydrangeas
and a eucalyptus wreath.
Crazy simple, right? 

 I really like nothing but the box and the hydrangeas by themselves
and better yet, it only took a few minutes to fill the box and hang the wreath.

You might remember this cedar box from this post here
so easy to make and I have used it in so many places for holding various things.

I will be adding a few more bits of Autumn
( and pumpkins since it has been a few weeks since putting this together)
and will be sharing  a look at the rest of the cottage wearing it's Fall colors soon

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. 5 minutes? Now that's my kind of decorating!

  2. Oh Courtney, 5 minutes hère looks well through out, planned as if you have a trendy rustic hand in floral shop proprietorship that only the richest of arrangements are created with unexpected pieces that evoke a sense of awwwh!

    I love this box, it anchors the harder edges of your elegant Frenchness, softening the beauty you surround yourself with.
    I have a square shallow smaller box that calls out for something similar as to the simplistic beauty here.
    It's a wonderful addition to your Fall, all the way through the holidays.



  3. Love dried hydrangeas for the Fall....they look wonderful on the mantel in that quaint cedar box!...5 minute decorating is the best...

  4. that is pure eye candy to me love love it xx

  5. Simplicity at it's best! Makes it easy to appreciate the beauty of the hydrangeas.

  6. Love the look! hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. limelight is my best performer offering hundreds of blooms reliably for years. I live in Michigan so now sure how they perform in California. Love the rustic look of the cedar box. Courtney, your rooms always look so inviting.

  7. love the mix of the soft flowers with the rough wood

  8. I almost bought some Hydrangeas this summer but when I saw the price I about fainted! Now I see what you did with yours and how long you made them last and I may rethink next summer. You home dressed for fall looks beautiful.