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Inspiration~ Accentrics Home

I am definitely one of those girls who loves something pretty 
that has classic and traditional flair

I love carvings and moldings and character

courtesy of Accentrics Home 

and pieces that exude that old charm that an antique might have.

One of my favorite showrooms at High Point Market
is Home Meridian

 and my favorite line
 Accentrics Home by Pulaski Furniture.
It is simple. It's classic. It's detailed and it's designed perfectly 
for the person who loves antiques and that weathered and worn look.

The finished are gorgeous and the pieces are amazing.

I am in love with this - and that bleached barely dusted with paint look
and just look at the details- they are amazing.

Another of my favorites that I have shared before-
but deserves another round of applause
is this one.

Sigh... I love this chest.
That rustic finish, those carved details and legs...
did I say I love it yet?
 Because I do.

This chest is similar in color and finish

It takes a more clean approach
with its lines- but it isn't lacking in details at all.

It is actually much like a painted cousin 
and that chippy finish is perfect.

A little gold? Yes, please.

I love a piece that dazzles with details
and that wouldn't be the same without them- like that gold edging.

You will also find classics like this beautiful piece as well.

I could see a whole collection of books inside in a library 
or white china galore in the dining room.

Speaking of the dining room- 
this table is a big favorite of mine.

I love the chunky legs and 
the shape of the top is amazing. It truly likes like a well worn and loved antique table.

Other details - like deep button tufting 

and a soft champagne colored velvet fabric 
exude a glamorous charm

Mixed with the carvings and abundance of details on this gorgeous bed- 
it is simply perfection.

Whether it's the finish, the color, the carvings or all of those elements put together
truly, Accentrics Home is inspiring in so many ways.
The story behind the Accentrics Home pieces is one you don't want to miss either.

courtesy of Accentrics Home

This bed is called the Ardenay Bed and
it was inspired by an antique piece-hint- it holds something. 
A picture frame.
You can read more about it and about Accentrics Home
 in my interview with the designer HERE

Learn more about Accentrics Home by Pulaski Furniture
and find out where you can purchase these gorgeous pieces for your own home

You can also connect with them on

Happy Halloween!

I was compensated to share Accentrics Home with you
but all opinions and love of their furniture 
are my own.

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  1. Stunning pieces that I would adore in my home decor. Beautiful designer pieces that take my breath away.

  2. It is gorgeous furnishings...I love that look with most of the paint taken off....I can see why this collections is one of your favorites!

  3. Wow, I have to say you definitely did your job, because I never heard of this company and I love the pieces! Clicking immediately... :-)

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  4. Hey Courtney,

    Any chance you can provide a price range (or even who they are comparable to)? Kind of frustrating to fall in love with a piece and then find their website only gives out dealer location info and every store is an hour away. I get that they are not a retailer and that different retailers have different markups, but still an idea would be great to know. Love love love that chest with the unpainted front!


    1. Hi Lory,
      These pieces are sold at many different stores and dealers so I think that's the reason for the prices being left off of the website- but I know that must be frustrating. The prices range but all of the pieces are very well priced in my opinion. If you can tell me which piece you are referring to ( I think it might be the chest with the carved details that is the 8th photo?) I would be happy to ask about it for you. There have been other people who asked about pieces when I have shared Accentrics before and the company was able to locate the pieces for them in their local area. You can drop me an email if you prefer- :)

    2. Thanks Courtney! Yes, that was the one I was interested in, and actually, with a bit of sleuthing, I was able to find it online to get an idea... :-) So glad you posted about them because I never knew about them. (And yes, the prices seem workable.)

  5. Wow- What gorgeous, gorgeous pieces! I don't know this company but their offerings are all beautiful. Hope you had a great Halloween- xo Diana

  6. The washing of beauty, what can I say other then a favorite look of mine as well.
    I have been wanting to remove some paint off some drawers in my guest room getting this look yet the wood may be way to light for the effect. My French chest in my home I gave this treatment to a couple of years ago. You have the best taste Courtney in French designs and everything European.

    See you soon



  7. These are lovely pieces Courtney. I really like the ones that have light brushes of white paint and the rest has that natural look. Popping over to see some more.

  8. I am still drooling over the pictures!. I wish our home were bigger so that I could fill the house with them. {sigh}

  9. Love the pieces, especially the beautiful blue chest. Thanks for posting them. Love your blog!!