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Weekend~Favorite Finds

Fresh purple flowers in a vintage French inspired pitcher?

I am in love.

This weeks Saturday post is less about random and more about favorites. 
I have been running around this week 
doing a little decorating
several vet checkups for the grand dog who just had a surgery
and even squeezed in a little holiday shopping.
Then there is the normal everyday thing like grocery shopping.
So this weekends inspired Favorite find look
 started at the grocery store.
I don't usually give carnations much of a second look 
there is usually something else that catches my eye right away 
but... the other day... 
I walked in 
and found these.

I thought they were lisianthus at first
but they are actually a specialty carnation.
I am kind of in love. Even better- they were just $5 a bunch. 

I also did a little Holiday decor and gift shopping yesterday.
Did I have a simple list?
Was I just planning a quick dash into the store?
Yes,  it was supposed to be.
I was looking for holiday... and gifting items...
and  thought I would make a mad dash into HomeGoods to pick them up.

Okay. Let's just be honest. 
A mad-dash into HomeGoods is like trying to do a mad-dash into Ikea.
It's about impossible.
And I knew the moment I walked into the store yesterday
 I was in trouble
 and though I tried to stay on schedule and keep it under 20 minutes...well...
The gold. The bling. The holiday decor. The entertaining pieces. 
Let's just say,
I was like a kid in a candy store
and with the 3 second attention span of a 2 year old.
An hour and a half later...
I had a cart full of pretties for the holidays and more.

This pitcher was one of the treasures.  
I wasn't looking for pitchers... but thought it would make a perfect gift. 
Okay, it might have been a perfect gift for me...
oh and that basket above the stove too. 
 In. Love.

I have a big time weakness for pitchers
and if they are white, pale blue or just a fabulous size or shape in general
I am drawn to them. 
They are perfect by themselves or with a bouquet of flowers inside nearly anywhere.
They are definitely a favorite and so this one is my favorite find this weekend.

Here are a couple more favorites that I have been pinning this week
and you can always check out my new 'Shop' page at the top of my blog to see what I am loving.
I plan to update it every week with new treasures.

I did bring home some holiday decor items as well
 so I am off to do some decking of the halls ;)
See you soon with a favorite lentil soup recipe
that is perfect for warming up from the inside out this time of year.
I will also be sharing something that I am excited to be participating in that involves 
a little bit of Christmas magic ;)
Stay tuned!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. lol. i had the same issue at homegoods a few weeks ago. i totally get it. love the pitcher & those are beautiful flowers. always love how you stage everything. warmly- mj

    1. Thank you! I should have known better than to think I could make a quick stop! ;)

  2. I love pitchers also,blue,white,my sons are always asking me just how much can i drink? ha! ha! They think they are so funny,if they didn't have my grandkids i would not put up with Sounds like you had a good time and lots of goodies,can't wait to see.Thanks and have a great day.

    1. That is too funny!! Silly boys- don't they know that pitchers are for decoration and holding flowers too? ;) It's hard to stop at just a few when there are so many pretty pitchers out there! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love that pitcher and those carnations are precious!

  4. I hear you on Homegoods...I am there just about every other week! The holiday entertaining pieces are gorgeous! I have to admit, I never thought of getting gifts there but they would be a big bargain and much loved!

    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane!! They have so many great gift ideas- I was shopping for creating a basket for the HomeGoods blog. Will share when it's up. :)

  5. French themed treasures at Home Goods always catch my eye. Adore your pitcher Courtney.

    1. Hi Rhonda! Me too and I wasn't even shopping for anything like it this time- but it just talked to me. ;)

  6. I am mad over the gorgeous white pitcher especially with the purple flowers in it. I too, have a deep attachment to pitchers and (all white stoneware.) Your posts are always such great fun and oh so beautiful.

  7. So funny to see your gorgeous photo, I bought the exact same pitcher yesterday!!

  8. Hello Courtney, I suppose our closest HomeGoods being an hour away is a good thing and the closest IKEA is over an hour - I make those trips 'day trips' because, you are so right. There's just no dashing in and out! That pitcher would be a definite if I'd been there! It is marvelous - the carnations are gorgeous! My daughter brought home a bouquet of flowers and the carnations in that arrangement are the longest lasting flowers - they're adding joy to my kitchen right now! I hope you're having a wonderful day!