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Texture & Pattern Play-Loloi Rugs

Have you ever looked at a gorgeous room in a magazine 
that just made you feel like you wanted to walk right into it 
and curl up on the sofa?

Emily Henderson courtesy of Loloi

Have you ever though about just what is it about that room 
that speaks to you when you see it?

Is it the style of the room or the furniture that you notice? 
Or the architectural details or maybe the colors that the designer has brought into play?  

I have noticed that for me, most of the rooms that I am drawn to the most
have layer upon layer of texture and pattern.

Studio 10 Interior Design sharing Charlotte Rug courtesy of Loloi

Starting with the rug on the floor
to the fabrics, colors and finish on the furniture 
to the accent pillows
and the artwork and ornamentation on the walls.

Mingling together- each of the patterns play a part in the room and how it feels
and you can change the look entirely if something is missing.

Whether they are more bold, colorful and eye catching 
or subtle, soft and inviting - layers of texture and pattern in a room are like wearing
a soft cashmere sweater with your favorite jeans and a strand of pearls.
If you chose just one of those elements to wear
and left the others at home
 the outfit just wouldn't feel the same.

Traci Zeller courtesy of Loloi 

This room by Traci Zeller is amazing. 
I love the color of the wall paper to the soft subtle yellow on the ceiling
to the mix of patterns and crisp white bedding.
I also love that gorgeous rug. 
It has a perfect amount of eye catching detail without overwhelming.
It compliments the room perfectly and without that detail and pattern underfoot
 something is missing.

Traci Zeller- courtesy Loloi

It's still a beautiful room but that warmth is toned down a bit.
The rug of choice by the designer here~ the  Loloi Sahara Rug .
The rug makes the room.
Traci Zeller courtesy of Loloi

Of course, some rugs are a little more bold and beautiful
and are definitely a show stopper when you see them in play.
I love the fun touch this colorful rug brings. 
Cristina Lynch courtesy of Loloi Rugs
The bold pattern and colorful details in the Loloi Giselle Rug 
brings an unexpected burst of color and pattern to this room designed by Cristina Lynch

Cristina Lynch- courtesy Loloi

and yes, you guessed it, 
 it definitely wouldn't feel like the same room without it.

For me, 
traditional patterns and colors are always favorites of mine and they fit perfectly in any style room.
The Bogart is definitely a favorite pattern.

Bogart Collection 
This room is bursting with texture and pattern
The brick wall, the worn floor, the chunky legs on the weathered table
and that gorgeous rug underfoot that makes the room and is the perfect finishing touch. 

Vernon Collection 

Whether your taste and style leans more sparse and clean
and modern and you choose a rich, saturated color for your space

Emily Katz - pillows courtesy of Loloi rugs

Or something that has quiet color and pattern that adds character and charm 
without overwhelming

Amanda Dixon- Halton Too rug- courtesy of Loloi

Choosing the right rug is key to making your room feel finished.

Think of a rug as another layer of color, pattern, texture 
and whether you go with something that pops  
or something that blends seamlessly 

Tanzania/Hemingway Collection- Loloi Rugs

Adding the perfect rug for your room and lifestyle
is like putting the finishing touch on a painting 
or adding jewelry with your little black dress

Elton Collection- Loloi Rugs

 It simply makes all the difference.

Emily Henderson- Byron Bluestone rug - courtesy of Loloi 

You can read more about Loloi Rugs 
browse their catalog filled with inspiration 
and find the
perfect rug to finish your room 

I was compensated to share some of the gorgeous rooms inspired by the gorgeous rugs at Loloi Rugs
but all opinions are my own, of course.

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  1. Lové the Elton collection could see this one pictured in my home. Beautiful posting.