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Saturday 5

Did you know that Random Saturday is a favorite of mine?

It always feels like I sat down and looked back at the things went on this week
and jotted down a few notes about each of them to share with you.
It's just like having a cup of coffee and chatting together every week. 

This weeks random post is brought to you by
tips for a french bathroom, a hike in the woods, green shakes
 and a fresh bunch of hydrangeas.

#1. Hydrangeas

They are never out of season to bring in for a beautiful bouquet. 
I wandered into the market to see just what they had that might inspire me-
and I bumped into a whole bucket filled with hydrangeas. 

I am not usually one who will buy hydrangeas that often- I don't seem to have luck with them lasting more than a day. They start to wilt for some reason. Not really sure why- but if anyone has any tips or tricks- would appreciate them! But for now, enjoying them and hoping they last longer 
than usual this time.

#2. I'm on Top of the World

The weather here in California has been glorious this week (sorry folks in the cold)
 Lots of sunshine and warm days which definitely spurs getting out and getting some exercise. 
 This week, we took a drive to a mountain lake to do some exploring
 and in spite of all the rain we had a few weeks back- the water levels are incredibly low
 which meant treasures were popping up everywhere. 
Like a piece of the dock that had broken off  that was stuck on a pile of rocks.
And that was wearing the most amazing weathered paint. 
Yeah, I tried to talk my husband into dragging it home for a photo backdrop-
 but instead, I brought home a crusty old fish hook stuck in my shoe as a souvenir.
Well, almost as exciting, right?  ;)

#3. It's Easy Being Green

Did you know that both of my boys are personal trainers?
 And my oldest runs an online training program
where he sends me a list of what to work on each day?
 He also has been telling me I need more protein - which might possibly be true
 since I am a vegetarian and so enter a vegan green protein shake.
A blend of protein with a dash of green superfood and almond milk.
It's my lunch for the next few weeks and it's actually really good.

I shared this photo on instagram of the new camera lens mug that one of my sons got me for Christmas. There were several who were pretty concerned that it was actually 
my new lens and it was ruined. ;) No worries.

#4. Winter Blooms for Winter Blahs

You know it's one of my favorite things- fresh flowers.
 And I believe they belong in a room any day of the year- but especially in Winter 
when it's cold and dreary out- a fresh bouquet is a sweet spot. 
I shared a few favorite ideas for bouquets that won't break the bank over at HomeGoods this week.

#5. A Charming Cottage Bathroom

I know, a bathroom is a bathroom is a bathroom, right? 
 It has it's purpose but it is also a room.
Sometimes,  think a bathroom is the most overlooked room in the house from decor standpoint.

Over at  Ebay this week- 
I shared some of my favorite tips for bringing a little bit of  French Cottage charm to a bathroom.  Hint- It's easy.

So, there you have it.
 5 random things for this week.

Lots coming up the next couple weeks on my blog
including a look back at a big project and more about what it looks like now.
Exciting stuff!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

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  1. Courtney, hydrangeas should last well over a week and usually over two weeks. If they droop, cut the stem and hydrate with warm water. I often recut the stems and freshen the water several times over the course of the time I have them in a vase. Love hydrangeas here. They always look fresh and pretty!
    Beautiful posts this week. Every one of them!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Trying that now as I have 3 droopy ones already. :(

    2. I have the same problem, Courtney. Sometims I'll buy them hoping to use for a shoot the very next day and they've already wilted by the morning. Hope to try Sarah's idea... :-)

      Lory at Designthusiasm

  2. I love the lens cap cup! So clever! I am a Vegetarian also and love my protein shakes with almond milk. Thanks for sharing!:)

    1. Thank you Angela! Isn't that cup so cute? And Almond milk is amazing!! :)

  3. I love your pictures Courtney! I had almond milk for the first time today in a latte- yum

  4. Love it all!!

    My hydrangeas always died after one day. Now I can have them last for weeks!! I cut them at an angle and dip the cut end in Alum (in the spice aisle). I do it every time they start wilting (3-5 days). So easy!! Good luck!


  5. I brought hydrangea inside this fall and let them dry. Glorious big pom poms now sit in an antique crystal dish on the kitchen sideboard. Even when the temperature is cold and the snow is falling, these beauties make me smile. But I'd still love to have some of your west coast weather.

  6. When I cut my hydranges I plunge them in water, and when I get them In the house, I fill the sink with water, recut the stems at an angle, and submerge the whole flower cluster into the water so they get hydrated really well. 20 min or more. They last for a long time. Then I let them dry in the vace, and have them for ever.