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Farmhouse Sink Love

Oh beautiful farmhouse sink...

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

With all your classic charm and style and pretty apron front-
you make me smile every time I see you.

There are so many reasons to love a farmhouse sink.

For one, they are huge. 
As in HUGE.
 You can fit extra large pots and pans to hand wash inside easily
as well as a multitude of kitchen sins if you have company stop by unexpectedly
They are classic design elements and fit perfectly in a modern 
vintage, farmhouse, traditional, you name it kitchen

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and finishes 
if you love them for no other reason- 
they are absolutely gorgeous.

When we were in the planning stages of the renovation on the kitchen,
one of the things that I knew that I wanted to incorporate was a farmhouse sink.
We had a cast iron sink that was fine- but it just never felt like it was the right sink
for our 1940 kitchen.

But there are so many different styles and sizes and looks for farmhouse sinks
it can almost make your head spin a bit when trying to decide what look is the best for your project.
Smooth fronts, rounded fronts, square fronts, fluted fronts, rimed fronts,
embossed fronts, single basins, double basins, center drains, left or right drains, etc. 
aye, aye, aye.

So how did I decide to go with this one? 
I simply went with my first love.

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

This Whitehaus fluted farmhouse sink from Lowe's was 
the one that made my knees weak and my heart skip a beat at the same time
 the very first time I saw it.

I know it is just a sink... but seriously.
I am not ashamed to say that I had a major crush on it.

The fluting detail caught my eye right away of course. 
All that charm and all that function- all rolled together into one beautiful sink-
what could be better?
farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

I will admit that I did wonder if the fluting would be too busy when in place
I know in design playing it safe and going with simple is better sometimes
but our cabinetry is already very simple, shaker style
and I thought it could use a little something to jazz it up a bit.

I also knew that would be an easy fix if the fluting made my eyes cross
because this sink has a secret.

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

It can be reversed to a smooth apron front with just a lip at the top.
 I loved that look as well and knew that if the fluted detail was just too much
 for our kitchen- we could always reverse and install that side.


Of course, though, once it arrived and we set it in the kitchen
the fluting was perfect.

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

I decided to go with a single basin 30" sink.
They have double bowls and smaller and larger versions.
Part of the appeal of a farmhouse sink
is that huge basin which you can fit those extra large pots and pans
and everything else in 
Totally personal preference here but for me
 1 big basin over 2 was perfect.

A few thoughts

Farmhouse sinks require  a special cabinet or retrofitting to make them fit existing cabinetry.
Our existing cabinetry was removed - so no problems with making old fit the new- 
but we did need to rebuild the cabinet in a different way to hold the sink.
Basically, it has to 'sit' on something and also have a 'wall' or stop at the back
so that is doesn't slide. Easier than it sounds.

Thankfully, if you are re-doing an entire kitchen with new cupboards, etc. 
they do make farmhouse sink cabinets ready to go- which would be the easiest option.

Custom details

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are handmade-
which means no two are alike.
So what might be uniform made in a factory and come in a one size fits all cookie cutter shape-
is not happening here.
Your sink might be a little taller on one side, deeper on the other, not a perfect rectangle, etc. 

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

When you go to finish the cabinetry around the front sides and bottom
you will need to be pretty detailed about making a template and cutting the front trim
 to get a nice clean finish.
The wood will need to be cut to fit close right up against the contour of your sink.
If it is too big- you might have uneven gaps and lines
and then
caulk is going to have to be your best friend.

Fireclay Love

Some of the most popular farmhouse sinks are made of fireclay-
which is an amazing gorgeous material.
The finish on this sink is beautiful and smooth and pretty.
And it makes me smile every time I see it.

You do need to be careful of dropping things as something could chip the sink if it hits just right.
The sink should have a special grate that you use in the bottom to help protect it.
As you can see- I do not have one in my sink...yet.
But as I am writing this post- I am putting back on my list.

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

It might become an obsession

But in a good way.
You probably already can tell by the large quantity of photos 
that I have been taking of my new sink that I am with it.
I might have even named it.

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

The first place a bouquet of flowers go when coming into the house?
In the sink for some fresh water.
Need to soak a few casserole dishes at the same time? Perfect.
Even something simple like standing there and  hand washing large pots
almost feels exciting.

Seriously, though, it is even more amazing than I imagined it would be in the kitchen
and it feels like it is the sink that should have always been there.
Especially paired with the marble counters- it is like a perfect marriage.
So, if you are considering a farmhouse sink for your kitchen-
 I would say go for it.
You will love the classic beautiful element it adds.
You will love how big it is.
You will love how pretty it looks in your kitchen.

But know that your family might roll their eyes at you when you are taking 
another photo of flowers in the sink
just because...

farmhouse sink, french, kitchen

But it makes me happy
 so  I am totally okay with all the eye rolling.


If you would like to see more of our kitchen renovation
you can find it HERE

Happy Wednesday everyone


Imperial Danby Slab- Arizona Tile
Farmhouse sink- Lowe's
Faucet- Delta
Hardware- DLawless
Paint- Lowe's 
Island- Costco (back in the day) 
Farmhouse oak stool- Restoration Hardware

I am thrilled to be a member of the Lowe's Creative Ideas Network
and was provided with compensation for doing this post
but all opinions and ideas are my own of course

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  1. It's stunning, but then so is your entire kitchen. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Sweet Mamma, I love your sink, too! It's gorgeous and absolutely perfect for your French kitchen.

  3. Haha !!! I love it (the post) !!! I would be taking pics of it too and filling it with wonderful flowers as well. A farmhouse list is on my want list but will have to wait until my last is out of college. Until then, I will just visit your page with a box of Kleenex at hand just drool, drool, and drool some more !!! Have a fabulous day Courtney !!! I have enjoyed your blog immensely :)

  4. Somehow I find it hard to believe that you ever get caught unaware with friends dropping in to your perfect home.

    I have never seen a sink with fluting and I too am in love with your sink.

  5. It's beautiful. Perfect for your beautiful kitchen!

  6. I am IN LOVE with this sink!! Beautiful!

  7. The fluting has been one of my favorites for years now, I also love the soapstone ones.
    It look fabulous in Your home, and if it was filled with dirty dishes over night it would still look fabulous.


  8. I love farm house sinks they're beautiful and add such character. Great photos and I seriously love your kitchen


  9. Courtney, you kitchen is "to die for" as is the rest of your gorgeous home and photos that you are one lucky girl!

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... we are soul sisters! I'm loving it too. I'm crazy in love with Herbeau farmhouse sinks.

    Lowe's has my gas range, my Fisher Paykel dish drawer, my Sharp under counter microwave and now my sink! I'm good to go. One stop shopping and my kitchen appliances will be complete.

    Thanks for sharing that adorable sink. Yours look awesome with the flowers. Gorgeous!

  11. Thank you so much for the link to your gorgeous sink. We're getting ready to do a kitchen remodel in the next few months, and I fell in love with your sink. It really helps to see it in a working kitchen. Just beautiful!!

  12. Your kitchen is just beautiful in every way!

  13. Great Choice! I love your kitchen -- it is so bright and the sink, well I would be smiling too. I guess your major renovation turned out very, very nice!! The pictures are wonderful.

  14. You have a beautiful new kitchen that needs a lovely farmhouse sink to complete the whole and i know you are so proud of it . I certainly would be if it were mine.

  15. Courtney, it is gorgeous! I love the fluted front. I have a farmhouse sink in my basement and I love it. The front is just plain, but it is a biggie! lol! Wish it was upstairs. The photos of the sink filled with flowers are breathtaking!

  16. It is indeed beautiful! Are the flowers Larkspur? If so, I can imagine the wonderful smell in your kitchen too.

  17. I want to marry that sink....


  18. Gorgeous! I just love farmhouse sinks. We just received ours a couple days ago, and I couldn't quit rubbing it, and may even have hugged it once or twice. :)
    I still would like to know what subway tile you put in your kitchen, even though we ended up purchasing 2x4 tile. I had my husband look at your photos, and he decided that your tiles were probably 2x4 by comparing the size of your tile to the size of the light switch covers in your kitchen. Can't wait to see if he was right. :)

  19. looooove all your pics!!! happy valentin!!! hugs, angie from germany