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Random Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone.

It has been a week filled with 
Spring cleaning, projects and lots of randomness over here.
But we did manage to squeeze in few fun things like 
a quick getaway
and a trip to the Hardware store too.

This week, Valentines Day &  a quick trip were on the agenda.
So 3 of my random thoughts are about those.

A dinner date 

When my husband is working late, my teenage daughter and I like to do casual dinners
 at the island in the kitchen. 
We sit and chat about this and that and everything else while eating and it is a fun way
 to catch up and spend some time together.
So for Valentines Day, since it was just us girls at home, 
she decided we should have a dinner with some romantic inspired touches.
She lit a candle and put the spaghetti song from 'Lady & the Tramp' on the iPod 
and then brought out a photo of her latest crush
 Tom Hiddleston
 and placed it on the table so that we could have dinner with him.

I laughed hysterically. 
 I don't know where she gets her crazy sense of humor (and craziness) from...
 but I can take a wild guess. 

 Napa Valley

My husband and I snuck in a little getaway to Napa Valley last week.

Just a quick trip- but so much fun. 
I enjoyed sitting by the pool in the warm sunshine &  holding hands and relaxing.

 And shopping at favorite stores is always on the agenda.
 I love a man who can shop in HomeGoods
 or at least, who doesn't mind waiting in the car listening to the market report while you shop
 for just another 5 (or 25) more minutes. 

#3. The Hardware Store

On the shopping note... that man seriously knows the way to my heart. 
Flowers and sweets are always nice but the best treat?
He asked if I wanted to go to the Hardware store to find a treat
I know- so romantic right?  

To him,  'The Hardware store' means 'Restoration Hardware'
We definitely don't speak the same lingo all the time- but we do understand each other.
So... yep, we shopped  'The Hardware' store. 
I might have almost fallen over at all the amazingness that is inside those double doors.

#4. Warm it up

You know how sometimes a winter room feels chilly,
 and it isn't just because the temperatures are colder? There is just something missing and you need something to warm it up, and it isn't the throw on the sofa. 
Sharing 3 ways to warm up a room that are inexpensive & easy 
and that get you moving a bit.


Five SECRETS to flower bouquets 

YES, those pretty green hydrangeas are blooming 
even. now. 

It has been nearly 2 weeks and they are blooming just like they were brand new. 
I did  re-cut and re-dip their stems when they started to wilt but it worked.
And this week over at Ebay, I am sharing a few more flower power tips in my

Some of them are things you probably already have in your house.

Okay, enough randomness for today  but come back by tomorrow for a
French inspired post
and next week~
I will be sharing one of those HomeGoods finds
that isn't what it seemed when I purchased it
and more kitchen details.

Happy Random Saturday everyone

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I love Napa Valley, wish we were there now.

  2. That's so cute that your daughter brought Tom with her to the table :)

    I miss Napa.... I haven't been there in about 15 years. It still looks beautiful there though.

  3. happy weekend!!! love your flowers!!!!! have a nice evening!!! angie from germany

  4. I'm so glad you posted those pics. I've never been to CA, and I've never envisioned it quite like that. Beautiful countryside:) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sounds like a VERY good week. It has been snowing here all day, now it has changed to freezing rasin. UGH. I need some flower therapy!!!

  6. Really enjoyed this post. Sounds like a nice week. I have a question about keeping flowers fresh: I love roses, but even the most beautiful looking ones just never seem to last more than a couple days. I've tried lots of methods and they really don't seem to help much. I know you're not supposed to expose the fresh cut stems to the air but it's really hard to cut them in the vase...... I'm wondering if the alum trick might work on them? The problems sound similar..... And, by the way, I really appreciate that tip about extending the hydrangea blooms!

  7. Your hydrangea tip is pure genius! I am planting more bushes so I can finally have cut hydrangea blooms in the house. And since seeing your photo I am craving a Starbucks :-) Mille grazie for the tips!

  8. Loved your Valentine recap so wonderful to enjoy time with your daughter and RH store is one of my favorites too!! Your hubby is so sweet to shop with you. I was at Napa for the first time last year and really want to go back. Have a good Sunday.

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend. So do we get to about the treat you picked out😀🎈🌻😊
    Have a great Sunday