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{DIY} Gold & White Boxes

White and gold and oh so charming.
What girl doesn't love pretty hatboxes all stacked up on a shelf? 

Those pretty white and gold hat boxes in my closet were the perfect finishing touch to store
all kinds of things on the top shelf where they would be up and out of the way.

 I have had so many questions about where to find those white and gold boxes
that I thought I would share a little bit more about them.

A confession. 
White & gold is not how they originally looked.

So what do you do when you are dreaming up a closet 
with  shelving and  storage that looks as good as it works
 but you can't find just exactly what you had in mind?

You give something a little makeover to get the look.

The original look, well, just say that it left a lot to be desired.
And these boxes definitely were not going to fit into that 'glam' and 'elegant'
feeling that I wanted.

 I started with this.

Cardboard hat boxes.
You can find loads of different sized cardboard hatboxes at thrift stores
 and discount stores all the time.
Sometimes you luck out and find the perfect color but most times, 
they are not generally going to be ideal for mixing in with your decor.

But this set of 6 different sized boxes was perfect in size and quantity-and other than being 
 dusty, a little worn and just plain not the right look- they were ideal.

So,  I took the easy way out and gave them a makeover.
Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Remember my 'gold fingers' from random Saturday?
Yep. It happened when I was painting away.

A couple cans of white & gold spray paint and a few minutes spraying away
 and those worn and tired old hatboxes
 were completely new pretty gold and white.

And I was in love.

And I might be adding a few more to the
 rest of the top shelving as well.

Spray painting hat boxes is self explanatory
so no big tutorial needed here.
But the tips I would give you if you decide to do this project~ 
Wear a mask- 
and possibly gloves
unless you want to have a DIY gold manicure
and to also make sure that the white you choose has primer in it 
and is a good quality paint.
Because, not all spray paint is created equal.  By far.
I chose Rustoleum High Performance Enamel in white
and Valspar Metallic Gold
 and they both covered over that oh so lovely print very well.

I also wanted to share  a new guide over at Ebay this week~ 
for adding a touch of glam to this closet.

Happy Friday and first day of Spring everyone!

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  1. This is lovely and just the nudge I needed to refinish my own hat boxes. Happy first day of Spring!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Just love the closet as I do everything in your elegant "cottage" home. I know you gave us Chandelier sites, but , I'd like the exact chandy you have in your closet . Thanks so much,,Beautiful

  3. you continue to amaze me....where there's a will, there's a way.
    I'm looking forward to your next adventure.

  4. I love the nesting boxes! Very glam. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  5. A beautiful, elegant closet...and proof that a space does not have to be large to be gorgeous!

  6. I adore the gold and white glam boxes. They absolutely are perfect!