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A little bit glam- Closet Makeover part one

The other day
I walked into our closet

 and smiled.

I even think I might have even heard music from Westside Story 
start playing in the background as I grabbed my shirt and jeans.

'I feel pretty...  oh so pretty' 

Not the Adam Sandler Anger Management version-
though that one is pretty fun.

Did I ever tell you that I played a part in a city theatre production of Westside Story 
when I was a teenager? 
Yep, I did.
I was playing a supporting role though.
I didn't play an important part...or sing a fabulous, catchy song...
 but the closet?

I think the closet might be able to play
the lead.

Because the closet is definitely feeling pretty 
and pretty charming.

Here is a look back in case you missed the other post.

 This is where we started after we took everything out
and wrapped up some of the unfinished business of the closet
which was repairing, replacing, re-doing.

Then came the planning.
When I was thinking up ideas for re-doing the closet,
I was pinning away all kinds of
 cedar lined
floor to ceiling built in filled
bling covered
that were big on charm and glam 
and also big on size.

But our closet isn't grand in size, 
it is just around 8' x 5'
so getting that gorgeous glam look in a small footprint
 was the first challenge.

I wondered if I should just do something simple instead
but I thought about it- for a second ;)
And I decided why not make it as glam as those other closets 
just on a smaller scale?
You know me well enough to know
that I had to.

So, we took the closet and worked away and took it from bland to beautiful 
 and when all the different elements came together
it was in one amazing version of that famous Westside Story song.

It all started with that beautiful rosy backdrop-which was key-
cedar plank lining from Cedar Safe Closets.

I have always loved the look of closets with built ins with that gorgeous planking in the back of them
Those rich, rosy planks are elegant, sophisticated and pretty -
 not to mention they smell amazing
and they also do something else that is pretty important too. 

Did you know that when we were going through the closet and sorting the clothes 
 we found that one of my husbands expensive suits was covered in little tiny moth holes?
 Both the jacket and pants were ruined.
The moths apparently had a party.

So aside from the fact that cedar lining looks amazing 
it also is something that does double duty by protecting your clothing
from things like moths and other insects. 

The planks took all of a couple of hours to install and seriously, 
it was so easy. 

We even planked the ceiling. 
It got a simple coat of white to lighten it up since there are no windows
 or natural light in the closet.

The closet transformation was on the way and already,
it looked amazing- and it smelled amazing. 

With the addition of one of the built in's -
 and then another...

I could see how the closet was going to come out... 
and I was in love already.

I will share more detail about the built ins which are from Allen + Roth at Lowe's 
 and how we customized them
 to make them work in our space while making them pretty 
in a separate post.
Because,  I literally took about 30 pictures and then a few more
and there is much more to share about all the little details.

So let's just take a peek at the finished closet for now

It might be little...
 but it is also definitely a little bit glam
and elegant too.

With that beautiful rosy backdrop of cedar
paired with the white built ins and the gold accents...
sigh...I am in love and 
this closet is charming me every time I walk in.

Of course, I had to indulge a little of my wild side 
 with a leopard rug

and a little of my glam side with a crystal chandelier.

I have always said that I think a chandelier belongs in every room
and yes, that means even in a closet. 

All together- each of the elements mingle  perfectly
and I am not ashamed to admit that you might find me sitting on that 
little white fur stool on occasion
simply stealing a moment 
and taking it all in.

And listening to Westside Story as it starts playing again. 

'I feel pretty... oh so pretty...

More coming soon.

Happy Monday everyone.

I worked with Cedar Safe Natural Closet Linings to share 
cedar lining with you but all opinions and my love of my new closet are my own.

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  1. I want a dance party in your closet! It is truly beautiful. I am thinking I might need a closet like yours...just for my hats. : )

  2. Fabulous job! I cannot believe YOU did the work yourself. Amazing. I may copy a couple of things (that is, IF I ever get around to re-doing my closet). xx's

  3. I adore people who can make the most of a small space! What an amazing transformation. It's so beautiful.

  4. Diamonds, shoes, handbags and walk-in closets. Nothing makes a girl more giddy. Enjoy the thrill.

  5. Oh my, its the first time I've seen your closet Courtney, and it is a real dream!!!! Just gorgeous! You shouldn't just feel pretty, you should feel fabulous!

  6. Oh wow- what a transformation ! You make it look so easy. Just beautiful I can't wait to read about all the shelving etc. :)

  7. It's gorgeous Courtney! Love the smell of wood since I worked in our Custom Cabinet business for 14 years finishing cabinets. I love wood and the fresh smell of new wood. I see I need to glam up my small walk in closet.

  8. I love that you lined the whole closet with cedar! My one cedar chest is so full I put decorative books on top to keep it closed. I will need to remember this idea later!!

  9. Oh my what a beautiful closet! I LOVE the leopard rug😍 It's gorgeous:)

  10. This is fabulous! I have a closet about that size and it looks nothing like this. I love it - so gorgeous!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  11. Hello Pretty Courtney!!

    Your closet is so glamorous!!♡♡

    My closet is a barely walk-in and I've made it up as best that is old glam can do and I love it!! Itmakes you feel so pretty!!
    I really love the cedar siding and your wildside is spot on with the leopard carpet!! Love it!!

    And we all knew you're beautiful, a talented photographer and a great designer, BUT, now you were on the stage!!!! I bet it was and is a great memory!! Good for you!!

    Have a great week Courtney!!


  12. It looks so, so pretty! The built-ins are wonderful and I like the slatted feature, makes them feel so airy! Love the leopard too. A little animal print is always a good thing! I bet it smells divine with all the gorgeous Cedar!!

  13. Love it!! Every detail is amazing!! I love your style!!

  14. One of the most fantastic closets I have ever seen, and if you really have that few clothes I am even more of a fan

  15. Looks great, love the chandelier, unfortunately my DH does not like them so I will have to purchase a non refundable one LOL. Love the wood and I can just imagine the wonderful aroma. Hope it lasts. The glam is great.

  16. Very lovely! So many pretty details! You lucky girl!

  17. I am loving it! I've been anxiously awaiting the unveiling and it was worth the wait! I want more details about the details, please. Love the boxes on the top, so elegant. The carpet is so exciting. The little stool is charming. I love the chandelier. Its like jewelry and there should be one in every room. Beautiful job.

  18. This is so gorgeous and having it cedar lines is such a great idea! I love the shelving! So crisp, clean and functional! The leopard rug and chandelier really appeal to me too! I'd love to do something with our closet. It's a really good size, but it's dark, crowded (my husband never gets rid of clothes) needs to be painted - it's yuck! I may have to start purging and planning! Thanks for the ideas! Hugs, Leena

  19. Great Job -- you've inspired me. At least we already have cedar lined closets -- with 4 louvre doors measuring a total of ten feet. This is quite a challenge. Oh for a chandelier!!

  20. Beautiful!!! What a great job. I have always been afraid to put in a cedar closet because of the smell. I didn't want to walk in a room and everyone turn towards me because they could smell cedar. Does it make your clothes smell of cedar? Love the rug with all that pinkness!

  21. the old saying 'diamonds are a girls best friend" NO MORE '''' the closet is a girls best friend'''. You gave us a great example.
    Many thanks

  22. It is a wonder, you guys did a great job. Now when i look at mine ,well yuk!! Could be another project on my list. Have a great day dressing in your beautiful closet Courtney.

  23. Redoing our closet is on my list, but this is way more than redoing. This is drama and chic and GORGEOUS.

  24. Simply FABULOUS! I love every single element in this room, the fierce of the leapoard, the elegant chandelier and the pretty pink planked walls. Beautiful!

    Great use of space and soo glamtastic

    Lauren | LB Designs

  25. Beautiful!! Can't wait for you to share more on how to make one and where to buy!

  26. Absolutely gorgeous! What a transformation, so romantic and glamorous! Beautifully done!

  27. Beautifully done! We are doing a closet redo and your closet and those rosy planks are on the list!

  28. It turned out gorgeous! Love every part :)

  29. Re-reading your post I am sure when you said "white" you were using the word that is used at Lowe's on the label's for this closet system. When I to Lowe's yesterday I decided to look at the closet system after seeing your closet. Your photo's do show a "white" system, however in actuality it is a cream, maybe hints of yellow or green underlying. I read the reviews and some people stated they actually sprayed painted theirs white. They would not match say a white commode or sink. So it is important to remember that there is our own perceptions of white and what others call white. I wanted to point this out only so that others who read this post are aware of this distinction that can occur almost naturally with any color that we look at, whether in nature or man made.

    1. Hi Karen,
      That is a great comment about the color and perception. Yes, this is considered white-and some may see more white where others might see a more yellow tone- but for purchasing purposes- 'white' is what this unit is when you go to the store to purchase it. In our closet- since we made the custom base and feet ourselves out of pine ( shared in a different post) we did give everything a quick spray to match. In the 'Details' post- I will share what else I painted and what else I used that is not actually part of a closet system as well. Luckily, a quick spray of paint would be a simple fix to change it to whatever color or shade you would like. Thank you for stopping by!

  30. Could you please share the source of your chandelier?