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{Inspiration} Cottage Bathroom dreaming

What is a perfect cottage style bathroom?
Is it one with planked wood walls and a sweet vintage tile floor?
Or maybe bright and cheery colors and lots of architectural details?

Cottage style bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes- 
and with all different kind of spins on what cottage style is.

We are getting ready to tackle a big bathroom project over here.
To put it mildly, the bathroom we are remodeling is in the running for the
 ugliest bathroom award. 

And if it stays this way- it just might win.

It is a bathroom that we literally have done barely anything too- other than ignore it for years. 
When we moved in- it didn't have a sink or a ceiling. 
Yep you could look right up into the attic. 
So we closed it up and put a sink it it and walked away.

 It was functional- and frankly the other bathroom was in much more need of help- believe it or not
so we focused on that one.

But that other bathroom project didn't go away,
it just didn't take priority. 
It was ugly but that was about it- so more pressing projects took over
and it became the project that moved to the back of the line over and over again.
 But the time has come for that little bathroom to move to the front of the line
and I am super excited to say that demolition is starting 
very, very soon.

So I am doing some Bathroom renovation dreaming and have been 
 pinning some favorite inspirations for what this  little bathroom that could 
might end up looking like.  
I will share the detailed plans for what we have in mind-
 as well as that lovely before photo soon-
 but for now- let's just be inspired! 

Wood floors- love. 

Or maybe a wood look tile...

I am crushing BIG time on that stone wall- serious inspiration.

Can we just take a minute and stare at the marble goodness going on?
Right down to the marble herringbone tile flooring. Amazing.

Love the simple marble hexagon tile paired with those definitely speaking cottage wood plank walls.

A larger hex tile- subway tile showers and a peek at an amazing soaking tub.

This. is. Gorgeous.
That is all.

I am really loving the idea of a marble subway tile for the shower

This floor has gorgeous detailing as well and I love the classic pedestal sinks.

Another wood (or wood look) floor with plank walls and marble.
Such a pretty combination.

Going for the gold... and that flooring! Wow!

This one is completely amazing-
 I adore the large subway tile with the black windows.

(You can find all images and sources on my Pinterest board 

You can probably tell that this bathroom is going to look a wee bit different than
my master bathroom- I am going for more elegant cottage than romantic feeling in this one
and I am super excited about getting started. 
If it turns out anything like the vision I have- 
I might have to re-do my master bathroom too.

Off to do a little more bathroom dreaming

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Oh what fun it is to dream and even more exciting is when it completely done! I'm crazy about the first one, it's simple and yet as a very romantic and elegant feel! Oh and the high heel...too cute!

  2. I can not wait to see which way you go with your design.

  3. Well, you have rounded up the most beautiful bathrooms in the world, great inspiration, can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it will be as stunning as any of these.

  4. I can't wait to see what you do, i don't see how it can be more than your master,i love it.

  5. So much to love here! I can hardly wait to see what your plans are and see them come to life!

  6. All of these choices are beautiful. I pinned a few and am sure your bathroom will be just as gorgeous!

  7. I am loving the look of wood floors in the bathroom but for the most part impractical, at least for the tile is a great alternative....great inspiration pics!...looking forward to your bathroom project!