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Just because...Spring Branches

Just because it is Friday.

camellia blooms, Spring, bouquet, French Cottage

The weekend is here and sleeping in just a little bit longer
 is definitely on the agenda for a couple of days.

And maybe just because it is March 6th
and I have Spring and Summer on my mind
 and camellia blooms covering the branches on our old growth tree.

camellia blooms

Aren't they so delicate and pretty?
 I love them and when the bloom- it is amazing how many gorgeous little blooms cover them.
These camellia flowers have been begging me to bring them indoors for a couple weeks now.
But I do love to see them covering the tree as well, so I resist clipping them and enjoy them there
until I just can't resist them any longer.
camellia blooms, Spring, bouquet, French Cottage

The other day, as I sat in my living room working away, 
I heard the rain starting to fall outside and I knew that a lot of those blooms
 would be knocked right off the tree with the rainfall.
  So, a pair of scissors and a few minutes later-
 a handful of blooming branches came indoors with me.

camellia blooms, Spring, bouquet, French Cottage

Set them on the bench while I went to get a container
and then paused...
because a worn and weathered green farmhouse bench with pink flowers on it
is pretty darn inspiring all by itself.

camellia blooms, Spring, bouquet, French Cottage

And you know what else?
The living room felt instantly cozy
and even though the rain was falling, it felt like sunshine was pouring in
 through the windows and french doors.

camellia blooms, Spring, bouquet, French Cottage

So truly, the power of pretty Spring branches on a chilly, rainy day
 is amazing- and even better- you can just walk outside and clip some branches from
any type of blooming tree and enjoy them indoors.

camellia blooms, Spring, bouquet, French Cottage

And just because of that,
I thought I would play a bit and take a few photos of them
 and send a little burst of sunshine your way this weekend too.
Hopefully it will help bring feelings of warming up that snowy weather
so many of you have been having too.

Happy Flower Friday everyone


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  1. So pretty! It's lovely to have some of spring's beauty indoors! Enjoy your sleep-ins!

  2. Agreed... the pink blooms on the chippy green bench is just breathtaking!

  3. Courtney, Do you know a way to put plates on your wall without those plate hangers? Thank you for any help. Love your blog, even though it will be months before we have any blooming branches here, great cheer up to see yours!

  4. I very much enjoyed the beautiful photos of your fabulous pink camellias!

  5. Lovely photos, beautiful blooms!!!

  6. Thanks for those pretty images. Needed to see that this morning.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  7. They are so cute! I've brought tulips into the house, to add a touch of spring :)

  8. O.k., now you're just rubbing it in! I am SO jealous of your camellias...and your photos are gorgeous. I was raised in southeast Texas, and my grandmother had camellias. I can still see the beautiful blossoms floating in a thick, glass, aqua blue bowl on her living room coffee table. Yours are even more beautiful and delicate. Oh, how I wish I had a camellia bush. I'll have to see if they could survive my harsh winter temperatures. I do so miss camellias, azaleas, bluebonnets, and magnolias.

  9. I live in the south (NC) so camellias are all around. I have not planted any yet (wanted roses, redbud trees, wisteria, hydrangeas first) but I am ready for camellias. The one you have is the prettiest I have seen. Red camillias predominate here. Can you tell me the name of your beauty? Also, I am going to paint all of my walls white as I am finding darker walls dreary and difficult to decorate with. Do you mind sharing the paint color of the walls in this post? Thank you for all of your lovely ideas!