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Friday Crush~ Black & White

I will admit it.
 I am semi-obsessed with black and white.

My favorite beach bag? 
Black and white stripes.

My wardrobe is filled with black and white 
clothing, shoes and yes, even handbags.
The exterior colors of our house? 

You guessed it- black and white. 

We even have black shutters on the french doors 
and black window boxes 

Did I mention I was mildly obsessed? 
Throw in a bit of pink and I am really going crazy.

My Friday Crush post is all about what is inspiring me and this weeks
 crush is black and white outdoors -
 and yes, mostly black and white stripes outdoors.

It is almost Summer
 (can you believe it?)
 so we are refreshing and re-doing a few things outside to get ready for some fun
Summer entertaining that is on the agenda.

My love of black and white is not new- 
and I have snuck some stripes into my designs
from time to time as well.
Do you remember the great black and white rug debate?

Though black and white stripes  indoors isn't my favorite- using them outdoors is a different story.
I am in love with that classic yet fresh feeling it has.

Here are a few of my favorite inspirations from Pinterest this week

White houses with black and white details.

via house beautiful

Black and white stripes is a pretty and classic touch for outdoors
and they feel fresh and invigorating at the same time.
I shared this image on FB not long ago and the indoor sofas outdoors
got quite a bit of attention. I am loving the look myself.

It can also be a simple touch-rather than an overload- 
with just a cushion or pillow.

Pottery Barn

This one from Pottery Barn has a nice mix of pillows and the umbrella
and that classic black and white house is a perfect backdrop.

Domaine Home

The surprise here- the stripes on the ceiling upstairs. 

Traditional Home
Of course, you don't always need stripes for black and white.
This is perfectly charming without the pattern.

I think this is one of my favorite images this week.
Black and white and nature all around 
and of course- those pink flowers playing along perfectly.

Style Me Pretty

That is what I am crushing on this week.
Find all the sources and more on my Pinterest board

What about you? 
What colors are inspiring you this week?

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. What can I say???? Me too!! Ditto!! I get it! House- Closet- You name it: BLACK 7 WHITE!

  2. I love the black and white to. Beautiful for summer. Jo

  3. I to have a black & white passion. Also closets, cushions, rugs...even front door nothing more classic

  4. I have a crush on black wood furniture. My next place just might have black around the windows and doors on the inside of the house, I seen in a photo and it looked awesome. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who likes black in their design, but I'm careful on how much as black can be over powering. :)
    Have a blessed day

  5. Si!Si!Si! The colors looks so rich and classic -- love it. I'm redoing our patio. Black and white is perfect.

  6. Love the black and white inspiration! My daughter is wanting back and white in her new room and I thin it will be a fun project so thanks for sharing ideas!

  7. I too am a fan of B & W - timeless . A great selection of inspirational images.

  8. I love it too! Inspiring post, I have a big bolt of black and white cabana striped sunbrella just waiting for me to make up my mind. xo

  9. It goes without saying that I'm a fan of B&W, inside and out. My wardrobe is filled with black and white as well. ;-)
    Crushing on your beach bag filled with peonies!

  10. Black + white + a hit of pink = :-) This post is great eye candy - thanks for sharing!

  11. Love these inspirational photos! The photos from Traditional Home and House Beautiful are a couple of favorites! I even pinned them on Pinterest a while back!