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Random 5 for the weekend

Can I let you in on a secret?
I love Random weekend posts.

peonies beach getaway vacation black and white

The idea that I just sit down, start typing and whatever wild and crazy or offbeat thing 
comes to mind goes in the post.

This weekend,  
Mothers Day, reflecting, my babies who are all so big now,
 my own mom and grandmother, 
well, they are on my mind.
So, you might see a Mothers Day reflection post pop up tomorrow
but for now- let's just get to the fun of the randomness of Saturday.

#1.  Rejuvenate

This past week, I spent a few days on the coast at a favorite B&B. I sat with my toes in the sand, the warm sun caressing my skin and the sounds of the ocean in the background. 
It was rejuvenating to say the least and even better, one of my big kids lives in the area so I got in a little mom fix while I was there.
Oh, and yes, there were peonies involved.

peonies beach getaway vacation black and white

 So, you know, they went to the beach with me. 
Because, ever since the first time I got a wild hair and brought them to the beach with me
 it is almost a necessity to snap a few photos of peonies at the beach in a black and white bag now.

peonies beach getaway vacation black and white

I will share all the details of the amazing Inn we stayed at and the trip in another post-
 but lets just say  I am. Obsessed. with this amazing little retreat that you will definitely want to 
put on your places to stay.

#2.  Coffee, tea, and blue & white

peonies, blue and white, delft

A blue and white coffee cup
with pink peonies on a Saturday morning? Yes, please.
The room at the Inn was a blue and white lovers dream.
Right down to the coffee cups. 
I am pretty sure the coffee tasted that much better simply because it was served in a pretty cup.

#3. Bathroom update

You might remember that we are getting ready to break ground or- maybe tile set in 3" of concrete- ugh. and start a new bathroom renovation. 
It is not going to be a job for the weak- we are talking a 1970's tiled nightmare of a room. 
So, while I am putting together a few inspiration images to share with you in the next week of what I plan to do- I am also looking back at some of the ways we renovated that other bathroom.
And some of what we have coming up with that bathroom as well.
french cottage bathroom

 Yeah, the master bathroom was even uglier than the 70's tiled nightmare bathroom when we started. 
If you are feeling strong of stomach today- 
click on over and TAKE A PEEK at the yuck.

#4. Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is in full swing over here already
and this week,  I am crushing BIG.TIME on this outdoor space 
House Beautiful 
It looks like the wine country to me- and the patterns, vines, the grapes, well, everything.
I am in love. Thinking of making a few more changes outdoors that are semi-inspired by this
and about planning a wine country get away very soon.

#5. Blooming blooms

Since it is Mothers Day weekend and that might involve some fresh blooms in your house 
I thought it was a good time to re-share that handy dandy tip for keeping hydrangeas blooming
for a loooong time

hydrangeas fresh, no wilt, secret fix

Don't have hydrangeas?
Here are some of the other random tips for keeping flowers fresh longer giving them a drink... 
of vodka. 
fresh flowers bloom longer 5 secrets

I am off to get a little work done today
and enjoy the sunshine outside

Hope everyone has a great Saturday
and Mothers Day weekend!

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  1. If This end up on the post 3 times I am sorry , Was having trouble trying to post.
    The photos are great. My favorite ones are the peonies on the beach and out door living. Thanks for the tip on alum for the hydrangeas. Read the post on your bathroom remodel. The update looks great!! I have a big crush on your decor.Whch helped with some ideas for my own bathroom. Have a great weekend..
    Happy Mothers Day
    Happy Mothers Day

  2. I too, read the bathroom update post. You performed a miracle with that bath.
    It will be very interesting (and informative) to see what you do this time.
    I would like details! Including of the bad befores. :)