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Fresh Pasta Primavera

I have a little confession to make.

When I am working 
and in the middle of something- like photographing a new vintage find
or playing with flowers or moving furniture around...
  I have been known to lose track of the time from time to time. 
And sometimes, by the time I realize it is getting dark outside
(aka it is time to make dinner)
I am left completely uninspired on what to make
and I stare at pinterest for ideas
 and contemplate making a mad dash to the store.

And the other day, it happened again.
But this time, I was totally fine with losing track of time. 
This time I had a secret weapon and I already knew what delicious dinner I was making
and that I had everything right down to things like fresh cream
 (which I don't usually have on hand)
 right in my kitchen.

I was ahead of the game and that is a great feeling.

Enter my ally- Blue Apron.

 Blue Apron had sent me everything I needed
to make a delicious Fresh Linguine Primavera.

As in everything.
They had shopped for all fresh produce straight from the farmers market
and then sent it right to my door.

From the freshly made pasta
to the asparagus
to the garlic bulb
to the mushrooms
to the lemon and peas
 and cream & fresh parmesan cheese.

All I had to do was wash and prepare each veggie 
and follow the detailed instructions they sent along with everything.

I sliced and diced  and sauteed and chopped and I even whisked- yes I did.
I seriously felt like I might be a good contender for Top Chef.
After just a few minutes
my family was coming into the kitchen 
to see what that amazing smell was.

I  made a creamy parmesan sauce that goes with the pasta 
and they even sent a fresh head of lettuce and mint
and all the ingredients to make a salad dressing along with it.

Seriously simple. 
Seriously delicious.
Seriously easy.

Everyone needs an ally in my opinion.

So here is how Blue Apron works.
They shop for everything you need for your dinners 
all fresh all the time
and send all the ingredients right to your door
 along with the chef designed recipe instructions that are super easy to follow.

So on those days when you are out having a little too much fun working or playing
or maybe you are just uninspired about what to make-but want something good
you are ready to go with the ingredients and a recipe waiting for you.

And your family will  think you are a genius
and a majorly good cook. And if you are having company 
and running around like a maniac to get ready
how perfect is it to know you have what you need to dazzle your out of town guests
with a proven recipe in your arsenal?

It is a definite win-win.

Oh and yes, of course
 this Blue Apron dinner was absolutely delicious
and I can hardly wait for the next one- 
their menu and recipes all look amazing.

I am thinking of trying the Black Bean with Quinoa Enchiladas

Are you ready to try Blue Apron for you yourself? 
Something special for you-

The first 100 readers 
who sign up to try Blue Apron will get 
2 meals off their first order for
Awesome right? Just click
and enjoy!

Happy Monday everyone!

I partnered with Blue Apron to share my experience with their meals with you
but all opinions and Top Chef Contender status are my own.

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  1. This looks delicious! The fresh veggies make me feel hungry.

  2. That sounds so easy...the food looks yummy! Amazing, Top Chef! ;)

  3. That looks wonderful! I often have that same problem, suddenly it's almost dark and the hungry family is asking what's for dinner? Thanks for the link, will go check that out. Man {or at least my family} does not live for French Antiques alone.

  4. The food looks yummy. Going to check it out, between school and work sometimes I can not make it to the grocery store.
    Have a great day.

  5. Wow, I never realized that a service like this existed! How very convenient! Your meal looks delicious and easy to make!