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The Weekend

Cheers to the weekend.

It has been a busy week over here.
 I have been working on styling and photographing several areas of the house for a Summer Tour coming your way next week. Stay tuned for more there.

1. Sunset Celebration Weekend

Last week,  I spent several days with GMC at the Sunset Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park- which is close by in the Bay Area of California.  It is an even put on by Sunset Magazine that is basically brining the pages of the magazine to life.
 We toured a little tiny idea  house, did a little wine tasting, ate Avocado muffins and we even took part of a day and toured around in SF in the Yukon Denali since a couple of the girls
 hadn't been there before.

2.  Facebook

Menlo Park is in the Silicon Valley and so, FB headquarters is right there.
 It happened to be just about a mile from the event- so we made a quick stop for a photo- you guessed it- to share on Facebook. how could we not? ;)  I will share where else we went in a post coming your way- hint hint, they might have something to do with birds and pins. 

3. Olive Tree Topiaries

I am obsessed. I love topiaries and olive trees? Even better.
Though, I can't decide if I like them best in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room...
you name it.
I think I might need a few more.

4. Summer Styling Peek

Just a peek at something I worked on yesterday.
And that has already changed.  It was just a simple vignette but
 the good news is, I did photograph it so will share more soon.

5.  7 easy updates to make right now

Entertaining is on my mind in a BIG way with summer coming. Mainly because our bathroom project is nothing but a big mess at this point.  So simple & easy is on my mind.
 It is a perfect time to make a few updates to your house that are easy and inexpensive before summer company comes. 
Click on over to my post at Ebay this week to see some of my favorite ways to refresh in a hurry.

That is it for the Saturday musings this week.
Coming your way next week~

a summer Tour extravaganza with over 30 houses sharing their summer best
more about that sneak peek
all the details about a recent trip
(if I get it together)
another party inspiration post.

Happy weekend.

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  1. Can you share where you got those wonderful olive tree topiaries? Love them!

    1. Hi Penny! They are from Monrovia- I found them at the Sunset Celebration Weekend but you might be able to find them at your local nursery.Hope that helps!

  2. Things are looking beautiful around there, Courtney!

  3. You are one busy gal!! Go for it!!

    Jane x

  4. I want an olive tree topiary! They are charming, Courtney. I'm going to check some local plant centers today!