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Tiburon & behind the scenes

Ahhh Tiburon... you are so pretty.

I enjoyed spending a couple of days in Tiburon a few weeks ago. 

The fresh sea air, the charm, the seaside restaurants
 it was so much fun.

 It was a little foggy and chilly in the morning
but you could see the shape of the city across the bay
and there is that famous bay bridge
and the golden gate below.

But I wasn't in Tiburon just to play...
well, okay, maybe I was a little. ;)

 I was there working and playing at a photo shoot for products 
coming your way this Fall.

Things like magnolia leaf garlands and sparkly ornaments...

and maybe a few chunky metal lanterns.

If you follow me on instagram
you know that I was with Balsam Hill
at a photo shoot they had set up in a charming little house on the water in Tiburon
(look at that gorgeous chandelier!)

I had so much fun sorting through boxes of things to style a table with
and chatting away about ideas for Christmas this year
and just experiencing the behind the scenes of their product photo shoot.

I am also super excited to be working with Balsam Hill as part of their team as an ambassador
and will be sharing all kinds of beautiful with you!

Did I mention that I got a little sneak peek at some of the items coming up?
 Let me just say,
Christmas is going to look amazing!

I am excited about it.  And yes, I know that it is June.
To be honest, I am usually working on Christmas in the Summer for print
so, it isn't all that unusual to be jumping in already.

But Balsam Hill isn't just Christmas- they also have a ton of home decor products.
Like floral arrangementscandles and lanterns.

and much more coming in soon that I will be sharing 
with you of course.

Happy Tuesday! 

Find the pieces I shared here

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  1. How is is already time to start thinking about Christmas?! I guess we are over half way through the year almost. It's awesome that you're partnering with such a great company- I love their trees and now I'll have to check out their decor items as well.

    1. I know, it is crazy how fast the year is flying by! I am fairly used to working ahead for holidays so I do start thinking about Christmas pretty early over here ;). Thanks for stopping by Katy!

  2. What a beautiful place and oh my...Christmas will be here before we know it! How fun it must be to be getting ready for it! I'm all for it! Love Christmas and can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

    1. I know! It is crazy how it sneaks up on you. I am excited about what Christmas will look like this year too! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I looked on their site and could not find those gorgeous pine cones. I liked them so much but will sign up for their newsletter.

    1. Hi Larain! You can find the pinecones in the Winter Frost ornament set here:

      The other items I shared are linked in the post as well- hope that helps!

  4. It must seem a little odd getting into the Yuletide spirit when everyone else is thinking about summer and seashells. While I'm not designing for companies and magazines, I did have to pick out what pumpkins I'm going to plant soon in time for Fall! Excited to see what pretty things are in store for us later this year!

  5. I can not wait to see all that you are doing for Christmas. I am so crushing on the magnolia leaves grarland ,pine
    combo. Great photos ....W e have a chance to do some extra criedit in my layout & design class ,the extra credit is making a poster. I chose to make a poster for fall.
    Be blessed

  6. How exciting!
    I can't wait to see all the beautiful ideas for decorations you came up with. :)

  7. I love the Bay Area and especially during Mart week for seasonal shows in interior designs for designers. Love That you Will be sharing some new beauty.
    Love that table with the bell jar pendant lights hanging over them so RH.
    I am sure you came home inspired to the max and can't wait for Christmas and haven't even gotten through summer yet :)

    Your home will glisten this winter.... And what about those homes on waters edge, I bet you wanted to move into anyone of them?
    Your second photo with the skyline and boat looks like a great one to blow up and hang portrait style in your home for winters Holidays.

    See you soon


  8. Oh looks Balsam Hill and looking forward to their Christmas wonderful that you were able to do the styling for them...they chose the best!