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Weekend view

Happy weekend everyone.

I hope your week has been good 
and you are ready for a little fun or relaxing this weekend. 
It is hard to believe we are already into June!

Sharing just a few random thoughts from my week over here.

#1. Early Mornings

I have been waking up super early all week long. The birds have been singing as early as 4 in the morning. And when they sing, I wake up.
So, I am running on extra caffeine over here today.

2.  12th grade

My daughter graduated her junior year this week and is officially a senior in high school now. 
Not sure quite how I feel about it honestly, but she is pretty darn happy about it of course.
We have a couple of fun trips planned together this Summer. One of which involves super heroes. 
I know. 
 It should be interesting! 

3. Pretty in glitter

I am working on a few projects that involve Christmas next week. Yes, in June. But I am SUPER excited about them- and these pretty glittered pinecones arrived the other day from Balsam Hill. I will share all about the details of that trip to Tiburon with Balsam Hill a couple weeks ago this week- and much more about the Christmas I am working on soon.

4. Larkspur love

That larkspur in that photo above dried out super quickly- and super well.  I had no idea how nicely it would dry and stay fairly preserved. You will definitely be seeing more of it in future posts - and if you have some and would like to dry your own, I simply left mine out of the vase and upside town if you want the tops to stay straight. A perfect flower to bring into your home as can be used again and again.

5.   10 Easy Updates

 Since we are in the middle of the NOT so easy update in the bathroom- I have bathrooms on my mind and am sharing 10 inexpensive and easy updates to make today- that don't involve a hammer or saw or floor boards or anything too crazy.
You can also see a few ways to update your bathroom for under $500

That is it for today-
 just a few random bits and news from over here.
I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I really need to update our master bath…
    My youngest daughter is a rising senior, too….then we'll be empty nesters! Not happy about that at all!

    Lovely post, Courtney. I haven't been around much because I homeschooled our daughter for her junior year.

    Have a restful weekend!

    Ricki Jill

  2. What a gorgeous wish. The same to you! Anita

  3. Sounds like your headed for a busy year heading into September. Hope your having a great weekend.
    Be blessed

  4. I am forever looking to update my two bathrooms, yet want to keep it simple, they are small, and would like to use an open counter table, or a chest of sorts, or even pedastools sinks like yours.
    Such thought and beautifying goes into plans, and here they just sit undecided . Your bathrooms have always been a favorite of mine. The floral arrangement is a perfect update to it's beauty.


  5. I looked everywhere on the Balsam Hill site and could not find the glitter oinecones, did you buy the shop out?
    Thanks for sharing that delightful site.

    1. Hi Larain,

      They are included in a set of ornaments so they are not listed by themselves - but you can find them in this set here: Hope that helps!

  6. I always enjoy your posts and flowers. They are so gorgeous. I'm looking forward to see what you'll be doing with those pretty pinecones. Can't wait!

  7. Our bathrooms could be considered "water closets" no way I can expand, extend, or redo. The house is a small ranch :-(. I know we picked it out but boy I sure would love to have a bathroom where I could do some decorating. I'm looking forward to seeing some tips.

  8. My son is finishing junior year and officially becoming a high senior this week. Are you as "freaked out" as I am??? If not, please give me some tips on how to let go of all my worries. We have a special trip planned to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my daughter (high school sophomore) this year. I figure it is a great chance for us to be "kids" before they begin to leave the nest.
    BTW, the glitter pinecones look great.
    Michelle from