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A soft place to land

Simple pleasures.

A hot cup of coffee on a crisp morning.
A bucket of fresh picked flowers on a farmhouse bench
& a few stolen moments basking in the warm afternoon sun 
swaying softly in a hammock.

Did you know that there was a somewhat well known musician who came
 to a graduation party at our house years ago?  
He was dating the daughter of our friends and was in town for the graduation
and so, came along with them to the party.
He wandered through the rooms, wanted to hear all the renovation tales
and even commented that he loved the house so much he wanted to buy it.
And we had no idea who he was until after the party. Can you say embarrassing? 
There was also a spot that he spent quite a bit of time enjoying while he was here.
Can you guess what it was?

Yep, the hammock.

It is a perfect spot to escape to for a few minutes
(or maybe a few hours).
And creating a soft place to land and put your feet up for a bit 
couldn't be easier.

The number one thing?
Think layers.

Layers of linens to sink into 
and of pillows to cuddle up with.

A secret?
Use something big like an oversized comforter to really add that oomph.

I like to double a comforter on the hammock to bring a comfortable squishy feeling.
This is a king size on a regular size hammock to give you an idea. 

A bonus? In the evenings, you can flip one layer up
 and snuggle in for an evening of stargazing.

Then it is all about the pillows.
From standard size bed sham pillows to throw pillows -
I like to have options when it comes to pillows and subscribe to the thought that 
the more the merrier.

Don't forget a spot for a glass of iced tea or wine.
Something simple like an old stool or farmhouse table will be perfect and chippy paint won't be bothered
by the elements.

A seriously simple
and pretty place to land 
and it is a perfect little spot to escape to for a bit.

My hammock is part of the Garden Party Event with Joss & Main 
and can you believe that there are just a few days left to shop?
There are a ton of newly added pieces (I have been saving a few of them in the  cart myself)
Pop over and check them out-

That is about it for now- I am off to get some painting done. 
But if you need me this afternoon-
there is a pretty good chance that you might find me 
right. here.

Happy Tuesday everyone

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  1. Looks so cozy & wonderful. I don't have any place for a hammock, but I wish I did. I would love to read books while lying down in one...
    Michelle from

  2. I would love a hammock- maybe in the next house


  3. What a thing of beauty and place of rest with sheer delight!...

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Courtney! Sigh!

  5. Don't keep us in suspense ~ who was the musician? :)

  6. Your hammock looks so comfey.
    Have a great day.

  7. Oh, so gorgeous!
    Wishing you a beautiful day, Cortney!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  8. you are so inspiring in all things

  9. I love the soft touches of elegance you create Courtney! Very pretty! ;)

  10. Perfection - what a place to have a nap in the afternoon - even in the fall ( with a warm throw ! )

  11. I absolutely adore your hammock, almost as much as you! You're always inspiring. I think that it's best you didn't know so that you weren't awkward or nervous, just you. Have a beautiful weekend!

  12. I think this is one of my favourite spots in your home! Your garden and outdoor space is beautiful and looks so inviting and relaxing! If I were to visit I'd be here all weekend to

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs