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Details~ Planking the walls

I have a huge crush on rooms filled with wood plank walls.
 It might border on obsession actually.

There is just something about them
that just charms me over and over again.

They are definitely not something as common to find in a newer home 
as they are in an older home.
And if you have a house such as our 1940's cottage
you find them in every room.
Either our house was built before sheetrock was created
or they just like those dark knotty pine wood planks on the walls.

This is a photo of a bedroom-  
but it gives you an idea of the original plank wall color and darkness.

Those wood plank walls were one of my favorite features when we first toured this house.
Though they were dark and dreary- they brought that yummy texture of wood with all the knots and rough areas and little bits of warp to them here and there
and I knew those walls would be beautiful coated in layers of creamy white paint.

In every remodel or addition we have done in this house- original has weighed heavily.
Keeping the same look and style of what was originally used is a huge part of my design philosophy.
From adding corner windows to a brand new room to match the other rooms
to wood planks on the walls even in a new space.

So the new bathroom look definitely included wood planks in the design plan.
and we actually found the old original planks under the layers of tile and sheet rock

Original boards underneath

Which to me seemed as if they house was saying
a big 'Yes'  to putting them back up.

Planking the walls is not a difficult job- the ceiling? 
Well that is another story and another post.

Today, I am just talking about planking the walls and how simple it is to get that 
cottage look in a room with wood.

With planked walls- 
you can either run them vertically or horizontally
(or on a diagonal if you want to get creative )
and it is truly about your preference as to what look you like.

For our home- the original wood planks in each room are all running vertical
so even though a shiplap wall look (running horizontally) is really popular right now
I wanted the bathroom to fit in with the original style and design.

We used 6" wide 
tongue & groove knotty pine boards from Lowe's

They are simple to put up one by one. 
You will need to measure your height and cut to size-but then it is simply just
starting with putting up the first board.
Nail it in place and then put your next board up right next to the first one 
and slip it into the groove in the side
 nail it and repeat. 
A tip: Make sure to use a rubber mallet or just your strength to push each board into the previous.
There will be gaps- but you want them to be snug.

Depending on your wall measurements- 
you may need to cut a board lengthwise in order to finish the wall
so you would need some handy skills or a handyman to help out with a few things like that
but really, planking walls is pretty straightforward.

One of the characteristics of wood plank walls is the gaps and inconsistencies
that come along with using wood.  
Sometimes they won't line up together properly
or they might have the slightest warp to them.

You will see those things in the finished wall 
so it won't be 'perfect' but to me those are character-
 and one of the things that makes those wood walls so pretty.
So I embrace the imperfections and call it good.

That is about it. 
Simple and sweet and easy to install right over your sheetrock if you want to.
You can read more about our bathroom renovation
and find some of the products we used here:

Wood Knotty Pine Wall Boards (similar-ours were in store)
Arizona Glass Shower Door
Allen + Roth Slatted Shelf

Happy Wednesday everyone

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  1. Love your big crush, I too share your same emotions over planking walls, I am so getting ready do do a few walls over hear.
    You inspire the best Courtney, your bath of beauty is amazingly breathtaking.



    1. That is so exciting Dor'e! I know you will love those wood walls just as much as I do!

  2. my next house...the planks are going to be heavily used!....Dreamy, dreamy bathroom...

    1. Thank you Shirley- they can become an obsession for sure. But it is a good one! :)

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Le choix d'une maison ne s'explique pas ! Le coup de coeur est très important. Vous l'avez eu tous les deux avec votre époux.
    Merci de partager avec nous vos photos et bravo pour la rénovation réussite.

    Gros bisous ☼

  4. Love it!! Plank walls just add so much as the do here in your beautiful bathroom!

  5. The bath room is so awww.! Just so pretty, and I really like the wood planking.i was in a fun store today and I spied a few old mirrors and thought of you and your mirrors. Only difference they did not have any gold on them.😊
    Have a great day.

  6. I love your plank walls too! When we downsized from our last house we had some heavy wood paneling in some of the rooms -- complaint by a late of people?? It's dated!! We had lots of windows so it wasn't a matter of light. Oh, I should have painted all of that wood. Hubby would have had a conniption fit but it would have been beautifully bright. Love what you've done.

  7. Absolutely stunning, love your planked walls with the marble subway tile.


  8. Love the bathroom right down to the pale pink flowers! We have limestone in the master bath, thinking about adding planks - can it be done after the tile is installed?

    1. Hi Kate~ Yes, I think that would work. I think as long as you are mindful of your chair rail trim (to join the tile & wood wall area) and how that will work you would be okay. Hope that helps!

  9. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous and the planked walls give it a finishing touch. Pinning this for sure!

    Ashley @ Vintage Refined

  10. Also love planked walls. Just installed one in our remodeled bathroom. Your bathroom is so lovely and glad that you are keeping the original style and design.

  11. One of my favorite things to add to a space. I really love and enjoy planked anything, I wish I had a planked house :) Does that even exist? I will definitely be adding that into my future home, it just makes me happy and adds so much character.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  12. Bathroom is gorgeous! Would you mind sharing where the large mirror on the wall is from?