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Friday Favorites~ Black & White Table

I don't always go bold with color choices but when I do...

I like to go bold and beautiful.

 I'm not talking about my wardrobe and wearing something bold
with my dark blue flared jeans and boots.
When it comes to my wardrobe - a peek in my closet will show that 
you will often find me wearing basic black and white and dark jeans and
with a bright or bold pop of color in my handbag choice 
or jacket.

But in my house decorating style- not so much.
I am a little more faded blues, soft whites & creamy pale and natural accents with a pop of...
vintage patina.

But back to the jeans- can we talk about flared jeans for a second?
 They are finally coming back into style after the whole skinny jean trend. YES.
 I am excited because skinny jeans and I didn't always get along so great.

I have some skinnies (in black of course) and I will wear them on occasion
but my flares will always make be a top choice when it comes to jeans.

And back to the basics of black and white~ 
when I go bold in design
I like to go bold and beautiful and classic.

 Striking and yet at the same time
like a chunky black and white stripe
with apricot roses
and white and gold accents.

It is a simple but elegant combination that I played with recently for a special styling.
And I had so much fun with it-
 I snapped a few photos to share with you.

A secret?
That 'tablecloth'  is merely a remnant of fabric that I had leftover 
and turned into a tablecloth.
Why not?
I needed a black and white tablecloth for a special styling I am working on
and couldn't find one ready made. But I have learned not to overlook something simple and easy. 
Just a quick stitch around the edges or even no sew bonding tape on fabric
and voila.

For the color palette-
normally, I would probably choose a pink rose or flower for this combination
but those creamy soft apricot tones were talking to me big time. 
Maybe it is that touch of 'orange' for autumn.

I kept the dishes simple and elegant- whites with a thin gold edging 
and the wine stems much the same with that gorgeous gold band across the top 
and delicate details that compliment rather than compete.

Gold flatware finished the look
and  I went with the more detailed look on these
rather than more modern with simple lined flatware- 
but you could do either and it would be gorgeous.

It was fun to step outside my normally soft and shabby filled crayon box
and color outside the lines with a few more dramatic combinations for this styling.
And I love how that bold plays so well with that beautiful.
So it gets a Friday Favorite this week.
And do you know what tomorrow is? 
Tomorrow is Saturday. 
I am planning on sleeping in and lingering over coffee just a bit before
getting off running on a busy weekend of work and play.

Coming your way next week~
A closer look at the desk in my office
 a simple diy
and more about that soft and shabby autumn decor in the tour this week.

Happy Friday everyone.

dishes, flatware, stemware- Mikasa
gold vase- Target

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  1. I love black and white and gold and your addition of the peachy pink roses makes a not only bold statement, but a striking one too! I hope you have a happy Friday too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. I'm with you on the jeans. I love how you paired the soft colors with the black & white. Striking. If you are willing to share what region of California you live in, I am curious to know. I live in the Sacramento area.

  3. Oh so pretty! Love the striped table cloth and those flowers are gorgeous....Christine

  4. Your tablescape is absolutely STUNNING, Courtney! I LOVE the contrast between the black and white and the apricot roses and gold accents!

  5. Oh, simply divine....thanks so much for sharing ideas...more please.....cheers from Australia

  6. Love the black and white with the elegant table setting, as always lovely

  7. the color have such marvelous ideas...

  8. Stunning Courtney!.....Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. Stunning as always. Love the peach and black..classy yet sophisticated.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor