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Details~ The perfect pedestal sink

You might say I am obsessed with details.

Details are what makes something that much more important 
or noticeable in a room and
they don't have to be crazy elaborate, overly ornate or a traffic stopping color or size- 
they just need to be thoughtfully chosen. 

Details are something that I think should never be overlooked. 
Whether it is a painting that is the right size, style and colors for a wall or something 
as important as the kitchen cabinet finish. 
And choosing the right ones... well.... 
if you have ever tried to choose an important detail for a room-
 then you know that whirlwind of indecision 
 and the second guessing and that little voice on your shoulder that says 'Not that one'  
while the other one says 'Yes this is the one!' 
and you are left with questioning everything.
And before you know it-  you are sucked into that whirlwind of indecision.

When I was choosing the details for the bathroom renovation...
like the sink.  Sconces. Fixtures. etc.
 I definitely spent a bit of time, argued with myself and yes, changed my mind at least 3 times
 before deciding on the perfect pedestal sink.

I know what you are thinking... 
it is just a sink. 
My husband feels the same way.
 It has a faucet. You wash your hands, etc. It IS just a sink.
 But I am nit picky about details like that 
 so nothing is ever that easy with me.

Countless hours perusing magazines,
sorting through Pinterest 
and maybe even staring at the same sinks all lined up in a row in a plumbing store. 
I stare and think. 
And process. 
And visualize. 
And I knew when I saw this one
 that this was the sink that fit the design perfectly. 

The Bancroft sink from  Kohler caught my eye immediately. 


It is classic. 
So simple in style and design- but so beautiful in the simplicity.
And it reminded me so much of the antique pedestal sinks 
that you would find in an older home.

When it arrived and I set it up for the first time
I sighed and smiled.

I knew it was THE perfect sink for this bathroom.

My favorite details?
Definitely the simple, smooth, rounded design 
and gorgeous shiny finish. 

It has ample space for soaps and the size is not too large or too small. 
 I might even feel a little zip in my heart when walking by and glancing in the door.

All those delicious details mingling together in the bathroom?
I will admit it... I am in love.

Happy Wednesday everyone

To see more of the bathroom renovation-
you can find that here


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  1. Such a beautiful room and the details....lovely!

  2. Gorgeous Bathroom. Simple AND elegant!

  3. Your bathroom is gorgeous, Courtney. Cheers, Ardith

  4. That is the perfect sink, I agree, but the little side table is what makes me sigh!

  5. I love everything in that bathroom, especially the gilded gold touches.

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un très bon choix pour ce lavabo de salle de bain...

    Gros bisous ♡

  7. Very beautiful Courtney,
    What a sink to wash your hands in, I would wash them often.


  8. Your bathroom came out just lovely. I know the feeling as we redid the 2 bathrooms in our old cottage and I love both so much!!!