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Details~ Vintage Cupboard

Do you remember that sweet little cupboard  that didn't get away?
The one with chippy paint
and chunky drawers?

The same one that stole my heart and ran away with it
at first glance?

I promised  I would share a closer look at the details 
and just what my most favorite little things were about it.

Things like the layers and layers and layers of paint 
and those charming little drawer pulls. 

And the old oil cloth drawer liner

And of course that cabinet hardware on the glass doors.

But there was also something else that caught my eye that I absolutely adore.
See it there underneath the shelves?

It is a little slide to the side 
pantry door.

So basically, 
food could be handed through from the kitchen to the dining room.
It doesn't slide any longer- it has long been painted over and stuck right where it is.
But even so- it is something I haven't seen before on an old cupboard like this and is definitely 
a neat little detail that I fell in love with.

For now,  this new old cupboard is filled with lots of charming whites

and a touch of fall with fairytale pumpkins in soft shabby colors.

But I am already plotting the styling for Christmas.
I know, I know...
I am decking the halls a little early but since the Christmas music has already started 
playing around the house
and the first of the trees are starting to go up next week
I am getting excited.

Busy busy weekend ahead over here with lots on the to-do list.

 Hope your Friday is off to a great start!

To see more of the story about this hutch- you can find it here

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  1. Your little cupboard is very charming. I would have fallen for it, too!

  2. I am in love with your cupboard. Very interesting about the pantry door. I love learning about things like that! Your pumpkins are scrumptious and you are making me want to skip Thanksgiving and dive right into Christmas!

  3. Love that gorgeous cupboard! Also the beautiful things arranged in it.


  4. You are starting Christmas? OMGoodness, I was in retail for years and we started in July so I am HAPPY to not have to do that now. I will however try to be decorated by Thanksgiving since we go to my daughters now. I love your sweet cupboard!!!

  5. Right down to the hardware, it's just a great cupboard....the sliding door is just so cool...

  6. You really snagged a treasure with that cupboard!! Love every little detail.....I would have dragged that home myself!! Love the little door...... Our first home was an old Cape Cod in the city and in the back hall was a little door with a cool latch that used to open to the outside of the house but was closed off with was for milk delivery....they would put the bottles in from the outside and the owner would get them on the that cute or what???

  7. It's beautiful! I love that little sliding door. I've never seen that before either. Too bad it is stuck. I'm hosting a pinning party, where you link up 7 of your best pins. I think my readers would LOVE this pin! We go live every Friday and each pin is seen on 5 blogs. We'd love to see you at Gina's Craft Corner! Thanks and great job on such a beautiful find!

  8. I love that you inspire a Un Joyeux Noël much sooner then most bloggers sharing all you inspire from Balsam Hill, it allows us to take a little of what you inspire with us on our way home.
    Cannot wait to see the beauty you create, yes movies of Christmas and music has been played here as well, it inspires my thoughts of direction in which I am creating.


  9. Trees up before Christmas, oh say it isn't so. I understand retailers but....

  10. Perfect old timey cupboard for your kitchen, along with your white dishes and soft colored pumpkins. Beautiful, Kathleen in Az