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High Point Market Inspirations

You know that feeling that you get when you open the pages of a magazine
and sigh... you could just move right in the rooms on the pages.

Hooker Furniture

Or that flurry of excitement when you walk into a store 
and spot the perfect little piece for that corner in your bedroom.

Or maybe it is when you are at the flea market  and you round the corner 
That long sought after treasure that you have been waiting for 
to complete the styling in the bookshelf in the office.
You start hearing music and doing that dance inside
while keeping your cool. ;)

Century Furniture

It is kind of that same feeling while you are perusing at High Point Market.
Except amplified by probably 500 times. 

High Point Market is quite literally
a design junkies dream.
There is inspiration around every corner.
Century Furniture
Attending High Point Market twice a year is one of my favorite inspiration trips.
It is like being surrounded by things that talk to me
and inspire me
and definitely want to come home with me.
But it is also about spending time with like minded people
and gathering up even more inspiration from them.
Meeting the designers behind the room 
or the piece is always amazing.

I was thrilled to be able to attend High Point Market this fall with
the Design Bloggers Conference who hosted a special exclusive 3 day tour through
showrooms and a fun wine and design event.

Since I took probably 200 photos I will break 
the posts up and share some snippets that inspired me
and caught my eye while touring.

Some of them were obvious eye catchers for my French cottage loving eye
like this.entire.vignette.  sigh...

And some might surprise you like these absolutely gorgeous lucite & brass chairs
at Century Furniture. 

They definitely lean modern- 
but I loved the light feeling they brought to the room.

There were foldable paper lanterns at Gold leaf Design, drapery rods at Rowley

Amazing (and comfortable) seating from Palliser.


Like theatre seats? Yes, please.


And there were those classic pieces that I always fall in love with.
Like an enormous floor to ceiling antiqued mirror

And classic inspired pieces.
You might remember that gorgeous French style furniture that I recently 
used to make over my office? 

Love love love.
These pieces are from Hooker Furniture- which is one of my favorites at Market
and this time at Hooker Furniture- 
we previewed a gorgeous new collection  from Cynthia Rowley.
Gorgeous. Glam. Elegant.
Her collection was amazing and inspiring
and she was a sweet as could be.

Hooker Furniture
What about a bit of glam?
Another gorgeous leaning towards modern crush I had?
This bed.


Lucite. Gold. White. 
In person, this bed from Bernhardt is a complete showstopper.
I was definitely drawn to the whites paired with golds this market
(unusual right? ;) )
Loved the nailhead trim on this chair.

And one more from the dramatic side- this incredible red room.
With the metallic accents and white upholstery
it was gorgeous.

Color definitely seemed to play a big part of market inspiration this time.
Love these peacock blue chairs from Kate Spade.

and the little dog bed/coffee tables from Sauder rocked the house.
courtesy of Sauder

Over at Loloi - we found throws
that we all wanted to wrap ourselves in.

And here is familiar favorite- you might remember those softly faded 
Loloi rugs I have shared with you before- this one definitely grabbed my attention.

And a special treat in the Loloi showroom- Justina Blakeney's new line
 of bohemian luxe rugs and pillows 
which were a huge pop of rich elegant color and texture

and we even grabbed a photo with Justina herself.
(We all became very close after 3 days of squeezing quite closely together  to fit us all in the photo) ;)
Seriously though... those bloggers right there? 
They are amazing. They are kind and sweet and we laughed so much that our cheeks hurt
 in such a great way.  I had the most fun I have had at Market being with this group
of ladies and Adam (you can see his thumbs up from the very back) 
 & Luba from the Design Bloggers Conference. 
Read more about them and their blogs here:

More coming of course- because there is So. Much. More.
I will share what inspired me in another post
and it includes blue and white 
and some french inspired pieces.

And also that vintage treasure I mentioned that I found at Gypsy Marketplace
that is waiting to ship home to me as we speak.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Wow amazing photos! Thank you for sharing! Lots of inspiration! Certainly it was a great event! x

  2. Your photos are incredible. You are filling my Pinterest. What a great opportunity to be with creative minds. I'm so happy more gold tones are coming back. It's nice to have the choice and to mix and match.

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'ai pris énormément de plaisir à vous accompagner, photo par photo... Des petits trésors à chaque fois !...
    J'adore chiner et la sensation que vous décrivez, cette adrénaline qui vous fait frissonner à la découverte d'un objet fabuleux, je la ressens aussi ! Il faut cependant la contenir afin de ne pas la montrer au vendeur !

    Gros bisous ☼

  4. Oh the inspiration here is phenomenal...I am blocking out time for the next Market to be able to spend more than a day there!!...So much to see and be truly inspired by such amazing furniture and home accessory designers and see their vision be transformed to beautiful objects.

  5. Wow, that Bernhardt bed! Swooning...

  6. Those hairs though!! Gold, clear beauty *all the heart eyes*.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor