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Simple Autumn Centerpiece

A hot cup of coffee warming my hands on a chilly day.

 The smallest of bouquets of softly scented roses on a side table.
Stars lighting up the sky on a summer evening
a slice of fresh baked apple pie
and Christmas trees wearing nothing but twinkly lights.

They are all simple perfection.

And  when it comes to autumn and all things pumpkin spice-
those muted shabby pumpkins and fresh greens are my top choice for
decor in the house and for inspired tabletops.

Not that I don't enjoy all those details and extravagant gorgeous things.
 I do.
But I do love and appreciate simplicity.
I kind of think that my home is kind of a perfect example of
that mish-mash.

The simple whites in the living room

or the bathroom

and the more French country colors and patterns in the bedroom.

And with something like seasonal decor,
I definitely like it to mesh right with my everyday.
I don't want to have to redecorate the house- to decorate for the seasons.

And while playing with those pretty fairytale pumpkins out on the pea gravel patio
I noticed that the more I put on the table,
the more I leaned towards taking everything away
and starting again.

So instead of stacking on more- I did just that
and as usual- natural touches played a huge part in the styling.

I started with fresh eucalyptus branches and laid them down the center of the table
to create a garland of sorts

 and then plopped 3 of those 
delightful, shabby, faded, gorgeous pumpkins in the very center
and added just a few sprigs of berries for a pop of color in the greens 

I also kept the place settings simple & elegant
with crisp whites and a pop of gold.

And since we are talking table settings
and simplicity
and gorgeous center garland ideas-
I shared an autumn wedding table setting over at the Balsam Hill blog 
that looks a little something like this...

and this...

Take a peek at the whole table right here

and there might be something special like a video coming your way (yikes, right?)
 with a simple step by step way to create a centerpiece.

For more autumn inspiration- take a peek at my autumn home tour.

I am off to Market with the Design Bloggers Conference again this morning- 
and I can hardly wait to share all the details with you.
Coming your way tomorrow-
 a peek at some of the amazing inspiration 
and the trends I am noticing (and loving)  
around every corner.

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Une très belle table avec ces magnifiques citrouilles, emblèmes de Dame Automne.
    Superbe décoration...
    Merci pour toutes ces merveilleuses photos.

    Gros bisous ❀

  2. Beautifully done! So elegant and your photos are stunning!

  3. Simply stunning....every. Single. Bit. I was already thinking of magnolia leaves as well for this Christmas, now I am even more inspired! Happy Monday!

  4. Courtney,

    Love your fairytale pumpkins will you check mine out on! Love everything you do! A true inspiration!

  5. soooo beautiful! Do you have any other pics of the table in general? i want husband to build me one like that....i already have those legs. :-)

  6. I love this and I agree with you on loving the details but finding home in the simplicity. I don't re-decorate for each season I found over time it was just getting to much for me and too expensive. Everyone is different :) I have found that I don't NEED everything I see and neither does my bank account hehe :). Although I love looking at each new seasonal accent that comes out. It's all in the simple details and if you already love the home you have, why try to keep up with new decor & changing right?

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor