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Treasures~ Vintage Gold Glasses

Last week,
in between getting packed for High Point Market
and cleaning the house
 and wrapping up a few projects

I made a mad dash with my daughter to the store to pick up a couple things
like comfy shoes
for walking what feels like hundreds of miles while at Market.

But when we got to the store - we were early 
and decided to pop over to a nearby thrift store
to browse while we waited for it to open.

We wandered in, 
my daughter went straight to her favorite section 

and I went straight to the dishes.

Because I obviously don't have enough yet
 and might possibly be bordering on being a china hoarder. 

And there they were on the second shelf by the door.
 A set of 8 gorgeous little glasses with delicate gold designs on them. 
 I paused.
Stared at them.
 Picked them each up and looked at the small amount of wear they had
and found them even more adorable than if they were pristine.

And instantly started imagining all the places they would go. 
They were perfect for tablesettings. 
For placing a candle inside 
and of course, 
they were perfect for delicate little bouquets on a side table or at a dinner party.

You know I had to get them.
They were literally so 'me' and my style- 
and for $2.00- they were definitely not being left behind. 
(So, the vintage gold detailed glasses obsession begins. )

I shared a quick photo on Instagram showing them on the counter 
and then played with them for place setting bouquets
 for a few photos before getting back to 
packing and cleaning and all that fun stuff.

I have to say - I am in love with their elegant but simple charm- 
and love that they are absolutely perfect holding 
just a handful of pretty roses and eucalyptus.

 Incidentally, when my daughter and I went back to the store that wasn't open yet, 
we found cute jeans, sweaters and even an amazing selection of mega clearance stuff 
that we had to have. 

And completely forgot about the comfy shoes. ;)

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Who needs comfy shoes when one can have divine gold vintage glasses! ;) So pretty...especially what you do with them!

  2. It's like a crown sitting on the plate....

  3. Love those elegant glasses. They look so precious in your table setting with beautiful roses in them. Great find.


  4. So beautiful! What a find! :) I love the way you displayed them with flowers at each plate - what a beautiful idea!
    Jennelise xo

  5. I also wander right over to the china / glass section in charity / thrift shops because you never know what treasures await. I love the elegantly time worn gold details on the glasses - they have an understated elegance, especially when used for flowers. They were a great find!!

    1. Yes, you never know what you might find and t is the thrill of finding that hidden treasure that keeps us looking at the shops- thank you for stopping by Dee!

  6. Those are so pretty Courtney! I am running out of space for all my dishes as well. Its an addiction!;)

  7. Love the glasses trimmed in gold... I love hand blown glasses so delicate to drink from. And such a feeling of grace.

    I have been adding gold to my home, and loving the romance of it mixed with the rural rustic.

    Are you attending the wreath making at Balsam Hill, I was sent an invite to join in!

    Will visit soon,


    1. In Northern California in November Dore? Yes, I will be there! Would love to meet you!

  8. Gorgeous, they were truly a find, and even more so because you are brilliant at styling them! A vintage or thrift can be such a gold mine! Thanks for the chuckle, aren't we all guilty of having too many dishes? :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I have been hearing much about that dish obsession being a common thing ;)

  9. I have a couple of pieces of those gold glasses, and yes, I haven't quite used them, lurking there in the china cabinet...but that is just so sweet. I will rethink on how to use them----thanks, Sandi

  10. I love finding that unexpected treasure! Your pictures are fabulous. Thanks for sharing the different ways a set of glasses can be imagined. Milena