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A gold treasure & question

You know those antique shops
where you hesitate to look in those dark, shadowy corners at the back 
because... who knows what might be hiding there?

But at the same time... 
who knows what might be hiding there
and so, you know you are looking. 
Well, it was one of those days. In one of those warehouses.
that had several of those dark corners.
And treasures? Definitely.
I had been shopping away, and thinking about a few things- namely
a stack of silver plate single size dome covers 
that I was debating
They were a little pricey
and they weren't exactly what I was looking for
I wanted something bigger. Bolder.
 Something that made a larger statement on the table.

And as I was heading towards the rugs
and the other knick-knacks
I walked by the owner and asked if by chance, he had any larger dome covers.

"You know, like one the size of the titanic
to put over the 'turkey' we have at Thanksgiving. "

Yes,  I laughed as I said it.
(we are vegetarians so no need for a big dome for faux turkey)

I just wanted a big old dome cover to put on a cupboard
or in a tablescape.
Or just to look at and enjoy.
And maybe possibly just reach over and pet on occasion.

"Did you see that really huge vintage one?
It is on the floor in the back of the warehouse"
he said, motioning for me to follow.

"Though, it really isn't so silver any more"  he explained.
"I think someone got a little crazy with the polish and took away all the value."

Well... 'Value' is relative.
As someone who looks at a piece and thinks the dings and peeling paint and old charm makes it valuable- rather than 'Perfection'
his disclosure did not deter me one bit.

"So it has great patina then?" 
I asked with a smile.

And he smiled back as he reached down and picked something 
up off the floor with both hands.

It was something big. Something bold. Something brassy beautiful.
And patina?
Aye aye aye- it definitely did have great patina.

That shiny yet somehow muted gold was shining brightly
even in the darkness of the back of the warehouse
The size? It was insane.
I think it might be one of the largest
dome covers I had seen.

The handle on the top was heavy and covered
with berries and leaves and faux bois details
Simply put- it was just perfectly gorgeous.

Okay, technically speaking, it wasn't 'perfect'.
I noticed the little bumps and dents along with the apparently
overzealous polishing leaving it completely missing silvering.
But I picked it up, I rubbed my hand over the smooth metal finish and admired the details and
I knew that this was an amazing piece.

'It's so perfect.'  I said.

So... obviously, that little big beauty came home with me.
And I have been admiring that gold finish and pretty detailing it has
while it has been sitting away
in the cupboard, in the kitchen-
 and yes, possibly included in a table setting.

I absolutely love the gold- but I am curious as to if it was in fact once silver
and was polished completely away or if it is a different variety of metal.
I did a little research- and apparently they did make dome covers in brass as well.
So, where I thought it was polished away...
now I don't know what to think.

Is anyone out there familiar with them 
or have any ideas or thoughts?

Here is a photo showing the inside

and a close up showing the outside.

I am debating getting out my silver polish to see if anything happens but... I hesitate.
I have had silver pieces that definitely looked gold because they were so tarnished.
And I polished them and they were so pretty and shiny...
and then I waited for them to tarnish again
wondering what I was thinking.

And truth be told- I like the gold. 
It is warm and elegant and rich with the gleam it has.
so not sure about the polishing just yet...
but either way, I am curious.

So what do you think? 
Any ideas?

Coming your way- a beach themed Christmas tree & table setting
and those pretty packages wrapped in something unusual.

Hope your week is off to a great start everyone.

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  1. All is can say is that you found a real treasure and can only venture to say that is was a food cover from a fabulous estate/restaurant?....Love it...and it belongs in your home!...It had to be whispering to you...."find me, I'm over here!"

  2. That is gorgeous for sure. Maybe it was silver plated and that has worn away. Isn't that usually done over brass? I'm not sure.

  3. What a stunning piece! Kim might be right. And whenever my silver has tarnished to "gold", it's not the color I see I your pictures. If it were mine (and I wish it were!) I wouldn't mess with it. If it darkens later to a finish you don't like, you can always try to polish it then. Congrats on a great find!

  4. Great piece! Silver plate was often over brass. Love the look with the purple statice and pears.

  5. Yes, silver plate was often put over brass. Love the berries and leaves on the handle. Wonder what table it graced? Now it's your turn, enjoy!

  6. Plainly put..."It is gorgeous."

  7. Beautiful! I'm pretty sure it was silver plated over brass. Please don't do anything more to it - it's gorgeous just the way you found it!

  8. Beautiful piece! I love all the detailing. Just a suggestion...You could take it down to a guy that does re-silvering and re-brassing and get an estimate for re-plating it and see what they say it is made of. Those guys really know their stuff. You don't have to have anything done...just get the estimate and see what it is. :)

  9. It's amazing and it looks i want to buy the one at William Sonoma I saw today because I want one...

  10. I think Karen has a good idea there. Especially if there's a shop in your area that does replating.
    In the close up of your treasure, it looks more of a copper color. And a lot of silverplate that I've seen is applied over copper. In any case, enjoy it and just leave it alone!

  11. Hi Courtney, I don't have any domed covers, but do have several silver plated tea pots with nearly the same look and patina. So I'd lay it had been used and loved. The brass patina gives it a really wonderful look and glow!

  12. The Beautiful dome belongs to French Country Cottage. Yes! It was calling your name. Kathleen in Az

  13. The Beautiful dome belongs to French Country Cottage. Yes! It was calling your name. Kathleen in Az

  14. Lucky you to find this beautiful many occasions you can use it with. I am learning from your other reader about the brass under silver plate...I am new to antique shopping so good advice.

  15. Um, I think if my curiousity was after the point of not sleeping, I would try and polish the inside at the very top. But you are right it is gorgeous as it is. Sandi

  16. Lovely, just as she is! I wouldn't touch a thing! You have found a beautiful piece, Courtney!

  17. Such a beautiful find! Love it and don't touch a thing the gold is beautiful!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  18. Oh my! It is stunning! I love it just the way it is.

  19. What a gorgeous dome! We must be soul sisters! I bought mine years ago at an auction. It has a matching tray. The dome is a bit gold color the tray has Edward Sheffield Colletion stamp on it.

  20. I may be in the minority but I’m tired of worn shabby chic...or faux shabby. I would have it replated and store it in a silver bag for protection so it won’t need polishing very often.