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Vintage ornaments (& charming ways to display them)

Ahhh vintage ornaments...

What is it about vintage ornaments that just makes you love them?

It might be that mottled finish that has worn off here and there over the years
or the simple and sweet shapes and styles
with glittered designs and details.

Or maybe it is the bright and beautiful colors
that are somehow faded and soft at the same time.

I have an affinity for those soft shabby colors
like the pale pink on this teeny tiny bauble
and you know what else I love about it
The simple jute string.

You can find vintage ornaments by the box full at thrift stores this time of year.
Sometimes they are neatly inside their original boxes 
and other times they are loosely together- and often times- they are just $1 for the whole box.
I love to gather them up when I find them-  all shapes and sizes and colors.

And sometimes you might be lucky enough to have a box of Grandmothers ornaments hidden
away in the attic. 
This reindeer was my grandmothers and I have loved it since I was little.
It has a twin and I used to love to play with them and make them dance around. 
There are so many childhood memories attached to that sweet face.

I think that about sums up
just what it is about vintage ornaments that makes us love them.

The nostalgia. 
The memories. 
Christmas past that is brought to mind when we see those sweet little baubles
and the flood of warm memories that comes along with them.

So what are the best ways to display those ornaments? 
(other than on a tree)
Some of my favorites are so simple... 
they require nothing but ornaments and faux snow.

This is a photo from last year in a sale with Joss & Main and is one of my favorites

Simply fill a tray with faux snow 
You know, the kind that gets absolutely everywhere ;)
and plop your ornaments down into it.
They look so precious nestled into those glittery flakes.

And if you just a few vintage ornaments- no worries-
you can mix them with new but vintage style for a similar look.

Another favorite is to group them in a bowl.
This silver chafing dish was a perfect candidate for a few sprigs of cedar
and a pile of vintage ornaments mingling together.

And how about my favorite way 
and maybe the most charming way of all three 
to display them?

Gather them all up and place them in a wood crate under the tree.

The merry colors all mingling together
I am in love big time.

So it is safe to say that my love for vintage ornaments 
is stronger than ever.

What about you? 
What is your favorite way to display those treasures from years gone by?

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  1. We actually use many on the trees. Ocassionally I will place some in a pedestal candy dish, or hang on a candlelabra. One year, I loaded up a double silver winebottle wagon service with mirror balls and vintage. This year, they will be high up somewhere because of the Grandbaby. They will all be out...even the salt clay ornaments the kids made 40 years ago! Loving your post, Sandi

  2. One of my nieces has all the vintage ornaments from my parent's home that were on our Christmas trees each year during my childhood. She lives in a mid century modern home and adores most things from that era. I admire her sense of style and love to see how she uses things. She often fills a large glass bowl with her collection of vintage ornaments.

  3. I love them also, esp. the faded ones. Mine are from my mom and my Nonna, I've never seen them at the GW stores around here, people don't just give them away!!! Some of them don't have metal caps, just a hangar forced into the neck. My mom had told me that during the WWII, all metal went to the war effort, so the ornaments couldn't have metal necks.....a blast from the past......

  4. Wonderful! They are all just beautiful. I love the "photography"...I wish I was good at taking pictures. Hope you have a
    great upcoming holiday season...Thanks for sharing! Leticia

  5. I love the vintage ornaments. So pretty! What is the crystal snow looking stuff under them
    and where do I buy it?
    Joy @ Books and Life

  6. I collect vintage ornaments, none are family ornaments. I love the stalls with original shapes such as Chinese lanterns and the etched rounds with Santa's sleigh or "merry Christmas" written on them. I pile them in a Fitz n Floyd Santa with a pack on his back! ��