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Weekend shopping~ Giftables

It is Saturday.
And normally, I would be a little random over here today
but today, I'm talking shopping.

It is that time of year...the gifting season.
And just like last year, I will be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas
this season in the coming weeks
Starting this week with something special.

Hello Giftables.

Are you wondering what in the world
 I am talking about?
Think of a theme like gardening, grilling or building for example
to create a little gift basket of sorts with.
But instead of finding each piece yourself- you have a box filled with curated items
that you can send to someone special?

For example,
I have two boys who have moved out of the house already.
They drive and go to work and do all those things
and as a mom, I am always thinking safety- especially with driving.
Like did they wash their hands before eating.
Are they taking their vitamins.
Did they pack the protein bars and water in the glove box in case they get stranded.
And don't drive on desolate roads. Or in snow. Or in traffic.
Okay, maybe just don't leave the driveway.

So when I saw this,
I knew that the Ready to Drive box was perfect.

Inside the box:
a gas can
a tire gauge
a head lamp for changing tires
and an Instaboost.

When I was a young driver,
my stepdad went through all the stuff I needed to know about driving.
Like checking the pressure in tires
and making sure that you have enough gas in the car before you get too far out of the city
and don't think that just because your gas light hasn't come on yet- that you are all good.
Ahem, I tested that theory often. 
And another was learning what to do and how to jump your car 
if you found yourself with a dead battery.

You know, 
 like after you turned your car off and sat in the car 
listening to music
but you forgot that your lights were on.
And when you realized you tried to put your window up but nothing
and then couldn't start the car...
and you wandered into the Orthodontists office to call AAA
and then he offered to come out and gave your car a jump so you could get going.
And you thought it was one of the most embarrassing things ever.
True story.

A dead battery or running out of gas in the car seem to happen to everyone at some point.
Hopefully, if it happens, you are in town in a parking lot with a lot of folks.
But if not- you can use this bad boy. And it charges laptops, cellphones etc too.

So, number 1- I obviously need this 
and number 2 -so do the boys
and number 3- so do several other people on my gift list.

There are also ready to go gifts for the gardener, the grill master, 
 first time home or apartment dweller, kids and much more.
(Find all the Giftables options here)

And they all have free shipping.
Just click. Buy. Send.
Perfect for shopping from home- any day of the week.

See you soon for
more about these pretty packages and a simple idea for wrapping
all your gifts under the tree

I was compensated to share this gift idea with you- but my love of the Giftables gifts 
and the inadvertent
 left a light on inside my car and drained the battery 
thought that 1 gallon of gas would go further than it did
and I think a head lamp is a perfect fashion accessory
is all my own.

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  1. I wouldn't care what was in the package if it came wrapped like your first picture! I had a car kit in my car when I first started driving...40 something years ago! Just went to Lowe's last night. We are forever at Lowe's and Menard's for house building supplies.

    Cindy Bee