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Vintage ornaments, books & other randomness

I realized the other day
 that I have not done a Random Saturday post in a few weeks
So you know what that means.
It is time for a quick mish mash of randomness catch up.

This week, it is all about things like trees, books, leaves, ornaments 
tables and much more.

1.  Tree Lot

A couple weekends ago, I was over in Burlingame, CA at the Balsam Hill tree lot. 
Which is like a warehouse filled with every kind of Balsam Hill Christmas tree, stocking, tree skirt, ornament and much more. 

There was a fun blogger event where I was able to meet some of the local bloggers who came over
and joined a wreath decorating contest &
a customer event the next day where I shared a 
bing, bang, boom 5 minute garland customization.
So simple. 

 I also met so many of the Balsam Hill folks that I have had the pleasure of working with the past several months and I might have done a little shopping and bought a few goodies to bring home with me.  Can't help myself. Obsessed with Christmas.

2. Work environment

Yesterday, I stood in a pile of colorful leaves with a handful of peonies, wearing my favorite boots and breathing in the fresh air all around.
  Not a bad work environment.

 Working outside this time of year is always a favorite thing- and I am working up a storm with a Christmas table setting coming your way, along with an outdoor inspiration post.
And on a side note- time to rake.

3. Gift ideas- top 3 books 

Because, #1? 
 Yes, yes, yes.
Talking design and diy books- and I know I have shared these 3 before on here- 
but really, they are top of my gift giving ideas list this year-(put them down as a gift for yourself too)  and are all from bloggers- which is just amazing, right?

Sharon Santoni- My Stylish French Girlfriends

Laura Putnam -  Rustic Modern Metal Crafts

#4.  FIVE EASY & Elegant ideas for your table

Elegant AND easy? Yes, please.
Sharing a few tips over at the HomeGoods Design Happy Blog this week

#5. And one for the road
I am obsessing with vintage simplicity recently.
Things like old glass baubles in vintage crates.
Antique doors with garland and ticking stripe pillows.
Here is a peek at something I worked on yesterday that is coming your way
next week.

Hope your Saturday is off to a great start

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  1. All the photos are just awesome,the blossom hill event looked like everyone was busy having fun, even though you were working
    Love the book ideas.
    Have a great rest of your day.

  2. Thanks you very much for this beautiful column!!
    Check my blog for column too!
    You have a nice and old column too!!

  3. I had no idea Sharon wrote a book-I love her...have to have a peek at it on Amazon!

    Your vintage ornaments look lovely!

    Jane x

  4. Have enjoyed looking at the Balsam Hill trees....may replace ours next year, waited too long this year.

    I sure wish they had the Noble Fir one in a tall slim shape. It seems all the slim ones are too yellow of a green to work in my world, but I must have a slim one because of where I keep it. Oh well.

    Your time with the wreath dealio and the meet and greet looks like such fun.

  5. Looks like such a fun event at Balsam Hill.

  6. Your photos and displays are always amazing! I love the etched goblet on the outdoor table display and those white dishes are divine!