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Flower Market Friday

Isn't simplicity the best sometimes?

Peony with rosemary in bottle on a plate

Simplicity doesn't require any extras. 

It subscribes to the thought that something is perfect 
just by itself and in the simplest of forms and presentations.
And that something doesn't have to be over the top to make a huge impression.

I am all about the presentation and wowing guests when it comes to entertaining...
but having something that is easy to put together 
is as important as something that is gorgeous.
Because if you are anything like me- 
you are running around right up until the minute that guests arrive getting ready. 

Peonies and roses on marble counter with gold scissors

So I have learned to keep it simple and that sometimes- that is the best.
For Flower Market Friday- which is just basically a reason to indulge in my love of flowers
and photographing them- 
I am sharing the second of three simple looks for place setting bouquets
using the same flowers and place setting but showing how easy it is to create an entirely different look with just a few changes.

Peonies and roses on lace plates with gold flatware

The first place setting bouquet was one of my favorites. 
A handful of a mix of roses and peonies.

But sometimes- simple is better.
And so for this setting-
 I changed to something a little more on the quiet side.

I started with the same gorgeous dishes that 
I am obsessed with...

Lace dishes with gold flatware and flowers

And the same flowers- peonies and roses.
But since I was using a small vintage bottle as the vase-the arrangement needed to be simple.
I chose a single peony stem
and wanted something delicate in structure and simple in style to include with it.
When I glanced over at the window sill in the kitchen 
I saw the perfect bit of something.


Have you ever used fresh herbs in a floral arrangement?

Lace dishes with peonies and gold flatware on marble

Spearmint, rosemary,  dill, sage- you name it.
They are all perfect for adding to a bouquet for a little bit of a different addition
than what you might normally find.

And honestly,
I kind of think that rosemary mingling with peony is perfection.

Peony and rosemary in small bottle on plates

Just remember when entertaining that bigger isn't always better.
You can create a charming and enchanting bouquet for your guests
with just one or two gorgeous flowers.

Peonies and rosemary place setting bouquet on plates with gold flatware

And mixed with  a few sprigs of herbs- it creates 
a look that is as unique as it is gorgeous.

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  1. Perfection!.....Have a great weekend Courtney!

  2. I simply love your flowers!! But do you want to plant a fantastic herb that looks fantastic in bouquets?? It is purple basil. It looks gorgeous and you can use it in food also. The biggest problem is that once you put it in water it tends to root like its brother green basil. You guessed -- we just go ahead a plant it once it starts rooting and you'll have purple basil all season. I didn't have any flowers in the garden at one point and just made a huge bouquet of purple basil. It looked beautiful. It also looks beautiful in the garden among the other flowers or you can have it by itself.

    1. Ohh that sounds amazing! I am definitely going to try that- thank you for the tip Marisa!

    2. ooh love the idea of mixing herbs and flowers- am going to try that :)