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Ahh Saturday morning.
I love it when the weekend rolls around.
  A little less running around and a little more fun.

Here is some of the randomness for this weekend~


I just got back from a fun couple of days in Miami with Lowe's and Monrovia.
 We rode around in golf carts, sipped delicious drinks in the garden and learned all about what goes into growing and breeding perfect plants. 

It was fascinating to see the process from the start on such a large scale operation. 
We aren't talking about the average backyard garden for sure. I will be sharing more details and the behind the scenes photos soon.


Yes, my voice finally came back. Seriously. I thought maybe 2-3 days with sounding a little on the squeaky yet strangely also somehow manly side would be it. 
Almost a week folks.  And even now, sometimes my voice will come and go just a little here and there- but much to my husbands disappointment...  I am back to talking about big plans and honey-do lists.  ;)

Vegas baby

I am gearing up for a fun couple days in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Market.  I have a big to-do list that includes shopping and a whole lot of inspiration at Market. 

While I am there, I will also be taking over Las Vegas Market Instagram for a day - and speaking on a panel with some amazing design bloggers.  I will share all about it soon- but follow along on instagram for in the moment snaps.


This is a toss back photo 
but I am in search of pretty ranunculus for a special project coming up. 
I have seen at the market that they have ranunculus in- but haven't seen it hit the stores yet.
And I am thinking a trip to the flower market might be in order next week.

that is about it for this weeks randomness. 
I am off to get some work done
have a little more coffee
and get ready for next weeks posts 
which will include eucalyptus 
more about that firescreen 
and much more.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start.
For those of you on the east coast in the path of the winter storm
stay safe and warm.

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  1. Sorry ro hear you were feeling under the weather. Glad you feeling better now. Sounds like you been busy.. Can not wait to hear about your trip to FL. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes I love that Saturday morning alarm clock & time for a nice cup of tea in bed! Enjoy your weekend.