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Weekend View

Ahhh the weekend....
I am not ashamed that I crave sleeping in a bit longer or the slower weekend pace for a bit.

Colorful ranunculus gathered up at SF Flower Market

This week was filled with inspiration in the form of flowers, 
the beach and a sweet little someone.

Here's a little randomness for your Sunday.

The Flower Market

Seriously like walking into a candy store. And serious flower overload in a most amazing way.

Wax Flower at SF Flower Market

A stop at the SF Flower Market is always a good thing- and this week, when I went in I was looking specifically for a couple of things. Garden roses and ranunculus. And I found both.

Colorful ranunculus gathered up at SF Flower Market

When I say I found ranunculus... I mean ranunculus.... Look at that sea of gorgeousness!
I will share a closer look at some of the flowers I bought in my post tomorrow and in an upcoming flower styling for a table setting post.

The Beach

Need I say more?

Pier and ocean in Half Moon Bay
San Francisco is right on the ocean- and a trip over to Half Moon Bay for work was a perfect excuse to linger a bit and play on the ocean.
Kayaks lined up at Half Moon Bay

 I am one of those people who simply cannot get enough of that fresh ocean air- and yes, I sleep with the doors and windows open while there listening to the sounds of the waves crashing all night long.

Sunset at Half Moon Bay California

Telling Time

Are wall clocks a thing of the past? With all the technology today- it seems sometimes some of those tried and true things like a clock are just not on your mind for decor. 
But, I found some amazing clocks that add charm to a space while telling time and I am sharing them at Lamps Plus this week.

Orchard ladder with wall clock and old chair

A little someone

Remember how I mentioned I was browsing Pet Finder last weekend?
 It was not the first time.  I have been missing our little chihuahua Bella and have been thinking of bringing a furry friend home. 
It might have happened. 

yorkie on pink blanket

And there is a neat story behind it as well.
I will share a few photos and the story soon.

And on a side note- I have been off on what day of the week it is all week.
My husbands schedule was changed this week and I am all confused as to what day it is.
So, random Saturday on a Sunday again.
I might just change it to Random weekend all the time and call it good.

That is it for the randomness this weekend.
Hope your Sunday is wonderful.

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  1. The photo of the little fur baby is too cute. The flowers are breath taking ,as is the ocean. I so love the big clocks. I think when I finish school I will get one. They are just too cool.
    Be Blessed

  2. Back in the 90's when my hubby was still in the Marine Corps, one of the colonel's wives had an enormous clock set behind their sofa. They had found it while stationed over in Europe. I believe they bought it in Germany or France. I've been in-love with huge clocks ever since!

    Love your new doggie! He's s cutie! The flowers are beautiful ~ I've been planting a new garden these past weeks.

    Hope to get to meet you when you after your talk next week at the Design Bloggers Conference!

    Barb 🤗