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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea... 

or maybe an afternoon tea cup flower arrangement?

I happen to have a few mixed collections of tea cups in the house
and while enjoying them with coffee or tea is charming
and is a way to feel like you are attending a fine English tea with proper gentlemen 
in the countryside...

Sometimes- you just want to enjoy those pretty tea cups as they are 
around the house.
Stacked in the cupboards
in place settings 
filled with bits
 and yes, maybe even filled with blooms.

And a perfect time to do that is in spring 
when those gorgeous little camellia blooms are in abundance.

Camellia blooms are pretty  blooms that come in many colors
and when they bloom- they absolutely cover the plant.

We have one that gets an abundance of pale blooms each year ( and I  mean abundance!)
and the camellia stems are a bit short when you clip individual flowers
which makes them ideal for small containers.

Like little tiny pretty 
tea cups. 

Placing short stemmed blooms in a tea cup 
is a charming way to bring a sprinkling of sweetness
to your home- morning, afternoon or evening.

I love to place a tea cup bouquet on a side table in the living room

or on a window sill in the kitchen 
or maybe even marching down the center of a table
or on your desk to enjoy while working.

Of course- no matter where you place them
they will steal the spotlight- and they are so easy to create.

All you need is a favorite tea cup
 small stemmed blooms 
and a little greenery.

Simply fill your cup with your flowers and water
and then place it where you would like to enjoy it.
Easy and charming.

I'm joining these other great bloggers in sharing simple
 inspired vignettes and ideas

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See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. Afternoon tea with you and those gorgeous flowers would make my day!....Beautiful as always Courtney!....Happy partying with you today!

  2. Beautiful, as always, Courtney. I love the pale pink against the blue and white especially.

  3. Stunning, as always!! I often tend to do pink with green, but I really love your pinks and blues... :-) I think I need to play with that a little. And teacups make everything look delightful. What a happy little object!

  4. Oh, what a breathtaking post. I adore tea, this is just lovely.

  5. I do the same year after year. But because of the very short stems of the camellia, and their subsequent falling over the bord of my cups & bowls, I stick them in wet (artificial) 'foam-moss' (blocs of this are available from flower shops, quite expensive in France, I bring them with me from my visits to Switzerland). That way they stay beautiful for quite a long time.
    And it's true: They bring a smile on everybody's face, every day and render us happy!
    Beautiful photos

  6. Your photos are stunning as always Courtney!