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Design Bloggers Conference Recap

This week has been amazing
 and filled with words that start with the letter 'E'...
Like Exhilarating & Exciting. 

And yes, maybe a little on the Exhausting side too
but it was SO worth it.

Sunday morning - I got up super early to catch a super early flight
to Atlanta and the Design Bloggers Conference.
This conference has been one of those conferences that I have dreamed about attending 
for years.
As in- years.
If you aren't familiar with the DBC- it is a conference for designers and bloggers 
and everyone in between.

And to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from the conference
but it definitely far surpassed any expectations I had.

From the speakers- like Cynthia Rowley, Mary McDonald, India Hicks and Nathan Turner
and classes learning about everything from Google Analytics to setting up a store online
inspiration and knowledge was everywhere.

Plus... it was just plain fun.
From a midday pick me up with a wine tasting event 
to networking events with Traditional Home Magazine

at places like Ferguson

the Container Store, 
and Pirch.

The days were packed with knowledge, laughter and a lot of fun.

And....the pressing question.
Did I pass out while speaking to the 400 people who were in attendance?
Nope. Phew!
And my partner in the presentation Julianne from Taylor Burke Home 
was amazing and made it much easier to get up and speak.

And aside from the amazing speakers and all the knowledge being shared
the event was fantastic for meeting new friends and companies,
creating new relationships  and strengthening others.

I had a lot of questions about the conference before going 
about what it is like and if I feel that other diy bloggers should attend.
What was the flavor and community like
and did I feel it was worth it?
So with those questions in mind- 
reporting back.

 The conference was filled with so many amazing, supportive, friendly people.
People I had never met before who came over to talk with me
and encourage me about my speech before and after.
And there were a few friends who I already knew who were there as well
who I always enjoy spending time with and who also made the event so much fun.
And you know what? 
Not an ounce of feeling out of place as a DIY blogger at all.

The classes, the speakers, the community - it was all wonderful- 
and I would absolutely 100% encourage you to attend if you are considering it.
It is more than just classes and speakers-
it is really a conference about community and building that community
while learning.

The last evening before heading back home
there was a wonderful dinner hosted by Adam
at a great little restaurant in Atlanta called Cape Dutch.

Loved this oversized quote on the wall when you walked in
and yes, thinking about just where I could put a sign like this. 

We shared a delicious dinner, paired with specialty wine
 and lots of laughter

And one more little thing that happened...
I mentioned about a month ago that I was nominated for an award for the best 
blog photography in the Hall of Fame Awards.

I seriously didn't think much else about it after that
because I was nominated along with some really amazing bloggers
and I thought there was really no way...
but, I was so surprised and absolutely honored 
to be chosen as the winner.
Thank you to everyone who voted for me!!

Seriously. I am so honored.
And the company I am in?
Pure awesomeness.

The fantastic Laurel from Laurel Home- Best Writing
She seriously is amazing- and her stories make me laugh all the time.

Nina Magon from LiveStylishDaily for best new blog
A new blog to me - but already in love with her stylish tips and posts.

Nora from Connecticut Country House for best overall

So honored to be included among such amazing talent!

And of course I have to share this photo-
because seriously.
My photo was on the same page with these famous design superstars
and when I opened up the pages and saw that 
I was thinking that was just insane. (in an amazing way)

Mary McDonald - Million Dollar Decorators
India Hicks- India Hicks 
Justina Blakeney - who is an amazing blogger and designer at The Jungalow
and moi.

I am excited to share more about my talk in my Ebook
all about working with brands that will be ready soon.
Overall an amazing conference and week in Atlanta
and  I want to thank the Design Bloggers Conference for having me.

 I am working from bed
as a bug was making the rounds at the conference 
and I am trying to keep it from taking hold.
Fingers crossed I will be up and busy playing with these pretty lilacs 
from my husband tomorrow.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! 

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  1. Oh my Courtney!!!!.....Congrats! well deserved!....So glad you had a great time and it was a success! Feel better soon!

  2. Congratulations Courtney! A well-deserved honor!

  3. Sounds like the blog conference was a success all around. Your photos are wonderful and keep me coming back. Congratulations!

    1. It was a great conference- thank you for your compliments!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! How exciting, congratulations!!

  5. Fantastic! Congratulations!.....sounds like you need to a day to relax and recoup.

  6. Courtney,
    Thank you for sharing about the blog conference. I'm never sure if a conference is really open to ordinary small bloggers. Congratulations on the award. I found out about the awards and nominees on your blog and went to all of the blogs in every category. Then I voted... for you! I knew I had followed you from when I first found blogs and thought you are a great blogger. Reading the other blogs confirmed you deserved my vote. Congratulations again.


  7. Thank you so much for the kind words! But of course you were pictured with those super-stars because you're one of them! Can't wait for your e-book to come out. Great recap of the conference! Feel better! Me fighting bug too!

    1. Thank you Laurel! Congratulations to you as well- it was great to see you again! Hope you are feeling well!

  8. Congratulations!! You deserve it.
    Looks like it was amazing and wonderful!

  9. Congratulations! Your photography is always so beautiful & inspiring!

  10. Congratulations on your success and recognition!
    You do have a great eye for depth and light in your photos.
    Do you feel overwhelmed a bit?

    1. Thank you for your compliment! Not sure what your question is referring to?