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Classic Market Favorites

You know how sometimes you just walk into a room that is filled with things
that speak your language? 
The colors. The patterns. 
The patina of beautiful antiques and clean lines of fresh modern pieces.
All together, mingling beautifully.

There are several showrooms that definitely speak my language
at High Point Market- and that are always on the must stop by list-
and one of them is John- Richard.
John-Richard mixes so many good things
and pulls it all together beautifully.
And I especially love their attention to details 
and their attention to finishes.

Love the weathered wood with the elegant upholstery here.

And the gorgeous gilded flowers and branches on this lamp.
And with the traditional comes the current.
They always have a wonderful mix of fresh edgy pieces


With gorgeous antique inspired pieces that make my heart skip a beat.
That.chair? Amazing.
And this mirror... and sideboard...
(and 'Hello' )

Serious love.
And this...sigh... details details.

This market-
one of my favorite looks at John-Richard were the caned chairs - 
absolutely beautiful.

I found myself pulled towards so many intricate patterns such as caning
 and the wood work on this table.

I also loved the gilded wood look frame on this bench.
I think really, my eye was caught by pretty little details around every corner.

Of course, a peek at John-Richard wouldn't be complete without a walk on the 
wild side with the leopard print.

This might be one of my favorite juxtapositions this Market -
a little on the wild side, a sprinkling of classic, a touch of romance 
 and a whole lot of charm- all rolled into one.

What about you- were any of these vignettes or finishes a favorite?
Coming your way- something evening inspired
the reveal of that makeover going on in Tennessee right now
(we are onto photography and margaritas!) 

and something fun for the weekend.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. I completely agree with you--this is 100% fabulous.

  2. All classic and beautiful finds. xo Catherine

  3. I LOVE the showroom, and the coral-inspired chair and ottoman and fabric...OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOW!! Beautiful and I'm totally captivated. I don't think I would have been able to leave.

  5. Some beautiful items...Like most everything but they can keep the Leopord chair. I do not like it with the other elements. The finish on the furniture is gorgeous!

  6. Oh wow. I too am in agreement with you. My favorites are the three pictures beginning with the mirror picture. *waving* Those accents of gold make me melt.

  7. Loved all the items. Wood, metal and upholstery was absolutely beautiful. Have to make a trip to Highpoint especially to Check out John-Richards items and furniture. Loved them all. Thanks for brogan them to us.
    Betty Whatley

  8. HMMMM, Can you say 'PATINA'. That spoke to me as the one thing all the pieces in your pictures had in common. Which is great for US lovers of old/stuff! Thanks for the tour,Sandi