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GMC Dream Drive & the HGTV Dream Home Part 1

Last week was so much fun. 
After getting up early, I hopped on a plane to Orlando
to join my GMC family for a fun drive through Florida.

Bougainvillea and palm trees lining driveway

But it wasn't just any drive- it was a Dream Drive
driving the not even released yet 2017 GMC Acadia Denali
through Florida 
to the HGTV Dream House in Merritt Island.

So of course I have a ton of stuff to tell you about the trip, 
and the cars and the house...
and something that might involve a
big old 'Ferris Wheel'...

Our group of bloggers at the HGTV Dream Home in Florida

I took sooo many photos
that I am going to split this post into two 
because, otherwise- you might need more than a pot of coffee to read it all.

Green succulents planted on the wall in a restaurant

We started out the Dream Drive with an amazing dinner 
with GMC & HGTV that was full of laughter, catching up with blog friends, delicious food
and an abundance of design inspiration.

Purple pink on ferris wheel at night

And after dinner, we took a short walk over to the Eye of Orlando for a fun treat.
A  ferris wheel that goes up 400 feet above the city
for a birds eye view of Orlando.

The next morning- I got up early for California and notched jogging in that thick Florida humidity 
(and can you believe HEAT before 7 am?) off the list.
Basically, almost every trip I go on- I am jogging in the morning... to Starbucks.
I admit that I am insane. 
But I need a large cup of coffee to get going- especially with a time change.

Scene from brick walkway in Florida as the sun came up

After waking up, jogging, chugging coffee and getting ready for the day
 over breakfast- we learned all about the new 2017 Acadia Denali. Yes, the 2017 model.
Not even in full production yet- and it is an  amazing vehicle.

2017 GMC Acadia Denali car

This was our sweet ride- Hello beautiful!
Aside from the gorgeousness of it-there were so many neat safety features with this new Acadia-
including one of my favorites from the GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure-
the side mirror alerts to let you know about the cars in the next lane approaching
to the pedestrian alert-we didn't try it out but it lets you know if someone all of a sudden
 steps out in front of the vehicle
and a brand new favorite- the lane assist.
What is that?
Well how many times have you been driving along
and you kind of drift just a bit over into the other lane on the freeway?
Guilty. It happens. But it isn't a good thing to do.
The Lane assist notices when you are not paying attention and will buzz your seat-
 and nudge your car ever so gently back into your lane.
I did try this feature out- and it was pretty darn amazing if you ask me.
Aside from the amazing amount of safety features - the Acadia was just plain gorgeous.
(I believe that our car group decided that the car was 'HOT')
Plus, it was fun and easy to drive.
Girls with 2017 GMC Acadia Denali
Moi, Danielle (Finding Silver Pennies), Liz Marie (Liz Marie Blog) and our HOTTTT Acadia Denali

We trekked through green grasslands dotted with trees covered in spanish moss
and found ourselves on Merritt Island right making our way towards the HGTV Dream Home.

Outside of house with picket fence and flowers

Can I just say- this house was gorgeous.
From the palm tree lined driveway
to the blooming bougainvillea 
to the seaside location...
and that is just the outside.

Bougainvillea and palm trees lining driveway

Once we stepped inside - we were in for a treat.
Starting with 
the living room- amazing amazing. 

Living room with whites and neutrals

That wall...

Wall art of surfers in ocean in living room

The dining room-  just off the living room.

Chrome lights, green moss balls on table

Chrome pendant lights above dining room table

The kitchen- was tiled floor to ceiling in marble basket weave tile
and was stunning.
Pretty much there were always a half a dozen people inside 
taking photos. ;)

Striped chairs in kitchen

Dark lowers- white uppers and an abundance of gorgeousness.

Marble basket weave tile on wall in kitchen

Next to the kitchen- a colorful sitting room.
My favorite part was that gorgeous bold pink map of Miami.

White, green and pink in sitting room

On the main floor - there were 2 bedrooms
and the first bedroom was a soothing pretty room filled with an abundance of blues.

Blue towels and hats on wall

From crisp whites to bold and beautiful 
I loved the nautical feeling this room had.
And it looked right out into the backyard and the sea.

Blue curtains on window

The bed was stacked with colorful pillows
and had a tufted headboard in sea foam.

Blue bedroom with silver platters on wall

small vintage chair with books

and this room also had a bathroom
 which was a whimsical beauty

Navy blue penny tile in bathroom 
I absolutely loved the blue penny tile in this bathroom- so pretty
 and check out that string style artwork- amazing.

String Art in Bathroom

Navy Penny Tile bathroom shower

Another bedroom downstairs was wrapped in warm earth tones.

Earth Toned Bedroom

And check out those coral colored sheets. 

Earth colored bedroom

And the laundry room with a tiled wall
and green ceiling.

Dream Home Laundry Room

Then it was onto a luxurious bathroom and a bedroom filled with even more color. 
When I say even more color- I am not kidding...

Dream Home colorful green room

Since I have already shared 24 photos...
 and I have another dozen or so to share with you
I will share the rest of the tour and my favorite space in a separate post.

Hint: it involves going upstairs.

View from the staircase 
 yes, that is Brian Patrick Flynn chatting with Lucy from Lucy's Inspired, Nick & Sarah from Nestrs and behind them are several other bloggers you might recognize taking photos. 
(Liz Marie from Liz Marie Blog , Amy from Idea Room)

Dream home upstairs view

I want to also say a big thank you to my GMC family for bringing me out to 
experience the 2017 GMC Acadia Denali first hand
and tour the HGTV Dream Home in Florida.

 I am off hitting the ground running this week (and month!) 
and stay tuned for a behind the scenes peek at just what I am up to this week.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Wow, so much for whole house color schemes.

    The thing I loved most was the hanging chair. Loved it.
    The basketweave tiling is gorgeous but not all the way up to the ceiling. Makes rooms look like boxes. Then again, I didn't see this house up close so, my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Thank you for the photo-walk-in :)

  2. Perfect Florida / sea colors! And the 2017 Acadia, gorgeous!
    Looks to me, you had a fun and informative time in the Sunshine state! Kathleen in Az

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un billet extrêmement intéressant et les photos sont extraordinaires. Vous nous emportez avec vous pour un voyage fascinant !! Un grand merci pour ce délicieux partage.

    Gros bisous

  4. So great seeing you! What a fun trip in the HOT car ;)

  5. I've been considering a mural....

  6. Aww, what a great story. And such a beautiful house! thanks for saying that. We are pretty proud of all our work, and I love our dream home!..

  7. That house is FABULOUS! My dream house has a huge porch and two chimneys and an address that only contains 2 or 3 numbers...don't know why, but that always seemed really rich to me!Construction in armenia.