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Weekend View

Happy Sunday everyone. 
Time for another edition of Random Saturday- on a Sunday. 
Which I like to do sometimes just to keep things interesting. 

I am enjoying a quiet morning listening to the sound of the ocean waves just outside and 
I am pretty sure I could move to the beach and be pretty darn happy.
So much gorgeous natural beauty all around and the waves rolling is absolutely like music.

This week it has been a little about work and a little about play-
 and a whole lot about inspiration.

Pismo Beach

We wandered down the central coast this week to Pismo Beach
and then on into Ojai.
We stayed in Pismo one of the nights and of course I snapped a ton of photos and have to say
that the sunsets in Pismo are pretty darn amazing.


I started the week off over in Nashville for the Lowe's Spring Makeover 
(post coming this next week) and I brought my oldest son along with me to help build and set up the many elements we were using for the spaces.  

After we were done- we ventured into downtown Nashville- and Ryan wasn't too sure of the wild that going on downtown- but it was definitely fun to wander for a bit. 

Outdoor Tables

Talking all about outdoor tables over at the Lamps Plus blog this week-
 and sharing a few of my favorites. 
From wood tables to metal to vintage style- I would love to know which style is perfect for you.

Light up the night

And on that same note- sharing some of my favorite ideas for party lighting
 at Lamps Plus as well- like lanterns on steps and cafe lighting in the trees.


I had the pleasure of visiting Brooke Giannetti's home on Saturday for the Patina Farm book release event- and I can hardly put into the words how gorgeous Patina Farm is in person.  
Here is a peek from Instagram- but I will be sharing more tomorrow - and be prepared for amazingness. 

That is it this week~
 Hope your weekend has been wonderful and relaxing.
See you tomorrow for more about Patina Farm. 

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  1. I remember long ago days driving on Pismo Beach when I attended Cal Poly SLO. Great memories! I have to live near water! I have family in Morro Bay and now live in Southeast - with marshes, creeks and rivers right in back yard.

  2. Courtney, so did you start having children when you were 10??? Gorgeous children, just like their mom. Love your work!

  3. Okay, now I'm officially jealous Courtney! I am excited to be going to a book signing in May here in So Cal and meeting Brooke in person but seeing the house in person - WOW! That is amazing. I can't believe how stunning the photos in the book are, but I bet like anything, it's even more beautiful in person!


  4. Handsome son! And you look way to young to have a boy on your arm that looks like your date lol !
    Looking forward to your visit to Steve and Brooke's Patina Farm.
    I bet it was breathtaking, the kind of beauty you just want to stand in the middle of the room and just cry?

    Enjoy all that you were inspired by,
    See you soon dear