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Friday Favorites a beautiful charming floral duvet

I am in love with pretty.
Pretty furniture. Pretty chandeliers. Pretty little trinkets.
And pretty blooms
covering  pretty much everything.

That is A LOT of pretty. But it doesn't stop there.
In my home you will find a sprinkling of pretty in every room.

Maybe it is the chandeliers in the kitchen reflecting light
or the gold nesting tables


or the sprinkling of flowers that seem to find their way to every flat surface-
 kind of like clutter does.
You know, like when the dining room table becomes the mail, keys, homework 
and shopping catch-all table.

But it is flower clutter, I suppose... 
and I am totally okay with flower clutter. 

So it shouldn't be a surprise that I chose pretty floral bedding for new look in the bedroom.
One that had a blush background with bursts of cabbage roses.

I saw it. 
And it spoke to me. 

And in a very convincing sweet little voice it said
'You need me
 And I took one look at it and decided
 that it was right.

It has also spoken quite a bit to you- because  I have been getting a ton of questions 
and emails asking where
to find this beautiful blushing bedding.
I shared a link awhile back- but thought I would do a post about them again.

So for Friday Favorites
I thought I would share a few close ups 
and just where you can get your own dose of  barely blushing pretty for the bedroom.

This linen collection is one of those that knocks your socks off. 
Super charming in person- and beautifully made.
See that little tiny ruffle? It is covered in details details details.
 Just love it.

I am someone who thinks floral is pretty perfect for any time of the year in the bedroom
but this one is definitely a burst of sunshine and perfect for summer.
It is definitely a favorite.

You can find all the pieces at Wayfair from this Duvet collection HERE 
(affiliate link)

On a side note:
Did I mention that we are in the midst of the floor refinishing?
We are.
I will tell you the whooooole big shebang of a story soon
but in summary
 I have a scratchy throat from all.the.dust.
a floor that is sanded down but not stained and sealed yet
walls that have texture from sawdust
and one sofa and a table that are usable in the room and the rest of the furniture
 out on the patio.

I snapped this quick photo yesterday of the fresh peonies my husband brought home
in front of the stack of mirrors and furniture- there was something about the whole
 simple in the mess juxtaposition. 

And again...
 did I mention the floors are being refinished? 
I am excited- crazy amount of dust everywhere and all.

That is it for Friday Favorites- have a great weekend everyone.


  1. wunderschön...
    ich liebe diese FARBEN,,,,

    wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
    bis bald die BIRGIT aus TIROL

  2. I love it. Something about it takes me childhood and a happy place where my grandma made me dresses from cotton flour sacks! that were printed with flowers! Plus she loved flowers and gardening and had blooms in extravagance outdoors and in motif indoors. I see that print and just feel good. Which is really nice, seeing as it's bedtime here. I suppose I'll have sweet dreams of touring Grandma's gardens. Thank you!

    1. I love this - I was very very close with my grandmother and so that makes me smile to think this post brought back memories for you! And yes, that pretty floral pattern definitely does make you think of cotton flour sacks and vintage fabrics. :)

  3. Found these at Wayfair after first seeing MONTHS ago on your blog. I so love this blush background and gorgeous floral design. They are so you!,, And so ME! Now, just tell us about that blush quilt you "bumped in to", and nobody gets hurt!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! It really is such a beautiful collection!

  5. So pretty.. I hope to find some wonderful fabric for my lake cottage. I am thinking geraniums...always loved them

  6. Did this bedding line ever include matching sheets?

  7. Gorgeous! I love, love, love the linens!!!!