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Weekend Musings

It is that random weekend time again- 
and today- it is has to do with the floor, LA, style and strawberry cupcakes.

#1. The FLOOR refinishing update

Remember how I mentioned how EXCITED I was to be refinishing the hardwood floor in the living room? I was excited.  I didn't even care that my front porch looked like a yard sale.  
Until we ran into issues with the final poly coat. And had to start over again in several areas. 
I kid you not. 
 I will share the whole convoluted story this week if I can get some photos wrapped 
but suffice it to say- we are just excited to get it DONE at this point. 

#2. My Middle guy

My middle guy moved to Los Angeles almost 2 years ago with his girlfriend so that she could go to school. We have been enjoying visiting them often - they are not too far of a drive and just a quick 1 hour flight- but guess who is moving back home? 

The guest cottage will be occupied again for a bit while they get on their feet with new jobs and careers. And the fridge will likely be empty often with a big boy back in the house. ;)

#3. Outdoor Entertaining

Lanterns, string lights, strawberry cupcakes and adult beverages in copper mugs? Yes, please.
I have been outdoors under the stars working on outdoor stylings for various projects coming up- and will share the post all about this outdoor look soon. And yes, I did take a bite of that strawberry cupcake. So good.

#4. Irresistible charm of weathered patina

Patina gets me every.time. And weathered patina
Weathered patina is one of those things I simply cannot get enough of- and this week at HomeGoods- that irresistible charm of weathered patina  is exactly what I am talking about.

#5. Blushing Lamps

Yes, you already know how much I am in love with blush and sprinkling it everywhere in my home. And over at Style Illuminated- I picked out some of my favorite blush (and hot pink!) lamps to share with you.  My favorite is probably my Mary McDonald lamp- but what about you?

Coming your way this week- floor updates, a style guide and more.
Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Looking coward to seeing your projects., the cupcake looks so yummy .Makes me want one now....big smile.
    Wow! Sounds like the floor is giving you a workout. That must be exciting to have the kids closer. Best wishes in landing thier careers and starting their adventure .

  2. Courtney, I love seeing pictures of all of your projects. Can't wait to see what you have coming up! I'm especially looking forward to the outdoor posts.