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Light up the night Summer Tour

Last weekend, there was hot, sunny
95 degree heat
 and a lot of water balloons flying through the air.

You know how water balloon fights go.
They are big carefully orchestrated events.

When one of the big boys goes to the car,
the other grabs that pre-filled bucket of water balloons
 and tiptoes over to hidden position in the garden
to wait for just the right time.

And if you have even watched someone getting ready to bomb someone else with a water balloon- then you know the quiet raise of the arm
and the grip that holds that barely there tiny water balloon just so
 as the seconds tick by while waiting and waiting
for that favorite target (aka brother) to come into view.

The surprise soak is always filled with a ton of laughter right after
 and then the inevitable chase through the yard while one of them yells

We are talking 21 and 23 year olds here...
but yes, I know... kind of like 5 year olds.

But the best part is that the surprise is often times met with a retaliation ready water balloon that was filled and hidden just. in. case. and that goes off at about the same time as the sneaky one does.
Which means, they both get soaked.
Did I mention that each went out and bought packs of water balloons
 independent of each other? 
They did.  
Ahh... brotherly love. 


Water balloon fights and all
 summer is one of my favorite times of year-
and a favorite time of year for spending lots of time entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors.
 Especially in the evening. 
When the sun sets and the twinkling lights and candles come out -
it just creates a special kind of magic for memory making.

This week- I am kicking off a fun tour with Balsam Hill that is all about evenings outside-
and gathering up the huge amount of ambiance that nature provides
and adding in a sprinkling of twinkling lights
to make your summer evenings even more magical.
And one of the spaces that definitely creates a lot of magic-
is the covered fireplace area in our backyard.

During summer, that fireplace isn't usually aglow with a fire-
 it is too hot and dry here in California
so the the ambiance is created with realistic flickering candles in lanterns and string lights.

In early evening, 
the glow comes from candles
when the sun has dropped down behind the trees just enough.

These are Miracle Flame LED candles-
which are great for safety since there isn't a real flame burning that could start a fire.

And that means you can tuck them in between plants,
line pathways and scatter them around the yard in lanterns
and enjoy them twinkling away while enjoying your evening.

And something I absolutely love about these gorgeous metal lanterns-placing them in various spots together to create a little more candle drama-
and also placing them all by themselves further out in the yard to invite guests to explore a bit.

Up above the patio areas- sits the hammock- 
which is a great spot for quiet conversation while star gazing
and a couple more candles in punched metal sleeves.

 And just beyond that simple little picnic spot
tucked right next to an apple tree
you will find the fire pit area. 

The fire pit area with that pretty copper fire pit from Balsam Hill is a perfect spot to add a little more sprinkling of evening light.

One of my favorite things about this spot is the crisscross cafe globe lights in the trees that light up the forest and create a magical little place in the forest to sit for awhile.
And of course, for a little s'more making-
These forged metal roasting forks are ideal- no more carving the tip off a branch.

Roast those marshmallows until they are ooey gooey and 

then squish them between graham crackers and chocolate
 before devouring.


So there you have just a quick look around some of the evening twinkly lights over here.
I will share each of these spots wearing their summer best soon- and share that brand new hammock that just went up as well. 

 For me, it doesn't get much better than summer evenings outdoors.
And they are definitely magical and enchanting
when the stage is set with lighting to gather up all that twinkly ambiance.

Up next- the Light Up the Night inspiration  continues
click on over to
stop #2 at the Balsam Hill blog
to see what 3 tips
 for evening entertaining and lighting ideas
that I shared.

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Happy Thursday everyone
See you later for Feathered Nest Friday!

I am Balsam Hill's Blogger Ambassador
but all the love of Balsam Hill and their trees and products is my own.

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  1. I have some similar lanterns, with fat church candles inside. But in the heat, the candles melted and slumped. We like them like that, too.
    Your guys are so handsome! You must enjoy having them around--our babies are our babies, no matter what age they get to be. My grandma called my dad "sonny boy" until she died at 100 and he was in his late 70s.
    I once prefilled water balloons for a party. Did it the night before--no last-minute preparations here. But the balloons stretched out and were indestructible! You could jump on them and they wouldn't pop. We had to fill another bunch.

  2. It looks absolutely stunning Courtney! I want one of those copper fire bowls now and maybe the lanterns, your globe lights, well, just everything :). I might be pinning every pic :). So fun seeing pics of your kids, they look like they really love hanging out together! Water balloons in the summer are the best. I don't even mind picking up the hundreds of little pieces I find all over my garden :). Have a wonderful weekend and take care, Tara

  3. Such a pretty evening scene, Love hanging by the fire pit too! Maria

  4. So pretty, Courtney! I love the lanterns! I also loved your water balloon story about your "big kids!" Hilarious! :)

  5. So beautiful, as always, Courtney! p.s. My boys are getting older and it's the same here....the fun ;) never ends.

  6. Boys! Some things never change, right?

    I love your yard; such an inviting spot. I'm sure you just love relaxing outside. Cheers!